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Native American Petroglyphs in Huntsdale

JD from Shawnee, KS on 6/30/2023 9:57:02 AM:
Two of the pictographs in question were still there in 2010 when I rode the KATY often, then. Yet, they were small and hard to find visually. Recently, however, on June 29th, 2023, I rode the Rochport/Huntsdale section to discover these pictographs no longer exist. To me it looks like large slap-layers of rock from the face of this bluff have fallen. The face of this bluff no longer looks like it did 13-years ago. Probably a combination of fading paint and fallen rock caused their demise.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 6/30/2023 11:00:01 AM:
Sad to hear that they are gone.

JD from Shawnee, KS on 7/2/2023 11:23:06 AM:
Yeah. The red/orange upside-down eyebrow with a dot above it on the far-left side of the bluff appears to have fallen with a large slap of rock. Not sure what happened to the black one on the far-right side of it. Sad.

Anonymous on 7/2/2023 12:20:49 PM:
A slap of rock?

JD from Shawnee, KS on 7/8/2023 11:59:40 AM:
Yes. These limestone bluffs are known for their falling rocks. In fact, trail signage encourages users to keep moving while under them to avoid being hit by falling rocks. If you look at the Big Moniteau Bluff's face today, it looks like its missing rocks fall in layers six to 10-inches thick. You can see the rough edges of slab-like missing rocks. This bluff has lost lots of rock. Its rough looking crevices have almost disappeared.

Anonymous on 7/9/2023 9:34:16 AM:
I see….now they are slabs. Not a geologist here so thought there was a distinguishable difference between a slap of rock and a slab of rock. I see now that they are slabs so it’s not a geological difference.

JD from Shawnee, KS on 8/30/2023 10:03:21 AM:
Yeah. Slabs of rock.

Kdbilyeu from Columbia, MO on 9/2/2023 7:11:15 PM:
I rode my bike by there today and saw the amazon looking pictograph clearly. I wasn’t sure they would be visible with the foliage on the trees, but they were almost as visible as when I rode by in early April. So don’t despair yet!

Anonymous on 9/4/2023 1:36:07 PM:
Interesting. Am wondering why it was reported that they were no longer there. Guessing they are there and someone just couldn’t see them and assumed they were no longer there.