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Thomas from Naperville,IL on 8/19/2023 10:02:28 PM:
I have a friend who has an electric bike(EB) and would like to bike Katy Trail and camp along the way. The main issue is getting his bike recharged every night and possible along the way during the lunch time. Has anyone done this? Is the bike trail EB friendly? Do old train stations that have water/toilet have electrical outlets he can use? He is willing to pay for the electricity he uses. Any info will be appreciated.

Jerry from Pilot Grove on 8/20/2023 2:46:08 PM:
Thomas if your friend needs to charge his bike he can stop by the Katy junction B&B, or even camp out back and plug in for the night. Restrooms just 75 feet away across the street.

Thomas from Naperville,IL on 8/20/2023 3:07:12 PM:
Thank you for the info. Good to know. The issue is, he needs to charge his EB every night. Needs assurance that he can charge every night.

Tom from Chattanooga on 8/21/2023 3:09:34 PM:
I have not attempted this with an ebike, but would suggest that any of the campgrounds with electric hookups should be available for charging. Off the top of my head this would include the Katy-Rock Junction offered above. Also, the Farringer Park in Windsor has some electric hookups. The State Fairgrounds in Sedalia has a campground with electrical hookups. The Roundhouse campground in Franklin. You might be able to top up at Meriwether's in Rocheport. Cooper's landing has camping and electricity. Hartsburg has the city park with gazebo and electricity at the trailhead. The Turner Hostel in Tebbetts. The campground in Portland. Hermann has camping at their city park with electricity. Marthasville has opportunities at the city park. In addition to all of these suggestions, don't be shy about asking businesses along the way if they will allow charging. Be sure to do some business with them if they let you use their outlets. If your friend has decent range, this should not be a problem. Just be aware of the next town and what may be available.