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Reply to Parsons House B&B in Defiance
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Tony D. from Pennsylvania on 8/21/2023 8:40:12 AM:
We stayed at Parsons House one night the week of August 13, 2023. Our stay was very very disappointing. We expected a B&B. Parsons House is not that! Our two rooms were dirty, dust everywhere. The fans in the rooms had dirt on them. The top of the armoire and ceiling light look like they haven't been dusted in months, and it looked like bird droppings on top of the ceiling light. The screen door into the kitchen is broken. Two dogs crated in the kitchen during our entire stay, and dog poop in the cage, not cleaned. Norm Keller, out host, left early in the morning, so our breakfast was coffee made in a coffee maker that looked like it was never cleaned in months, and instant breakfast sandwiches we needed to microwave. The photos on this website are not up to date and in my opinion are deceiving. There is no limo. In a word, Parson's House is disgusting. We do not recommend staying there. Norm Keller is a very nice man who appears to be too busy to attend to this property, which we assume at one time was very charming. Norm did allowed us to use his car to go to the local winery for dinner.