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Parsons House B&B in Defiance

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Anonymous on 8/22/2023 8:42:23 AM:
Also stayed at the Parson's House on 8-13-23. Comments from the previous post are accurate. This is not a B&B. Not even sure you could consider this a hostile. Grounds were unkept, i.e. overgrown which was the red flag even before walking inside. Also advertised a hot tub which was present outside however it was very dirty with tree debris. I don't believe it was operational. The house was built in 1840 so I expect some cracked walls, uneven floors, etc, however it was much more than that. It needs a crew to give it some TLC. Not a good night rest. Couldn't wait to get on the trail in the morning.

NoReply on 8/22/2023 5:56:02 PM:
Oh, it sounds like it was hostile enough…LOL.