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Trail Closure for I-70 Construction - Sept 10

Bill in Houston from Houston on 8/30/2023 2:10:10 PM:
COLUMBIA - Interstate 70 is scheduled to close the morning of Sunday, Sept. 10 for the blast to remove the truss of the old Missouri River Bridge at Rocheport. For safety reasons, the interstate and a perimeter around the blast, including a portion of the Katy Trail, will be closed during and immediately after the blast. Traffic on I-70 will be stopped around 7:30 a.m., in both directions, prior to the blast. Once the area is secured, a demolition team will use a controlled explosion to drop the old truss into the river. Following the explosion, crews will inspect the new westbound bridge to ensure the debris is clear before reopening the interstate to traffic. The Missouri Department of Transportation expects this process to take up to an hour.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 8/30/2023 2:10:41 PM: