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Newbies - What is the best first 30 mile round trip ride?

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MJVano from Taylor Ridge IL on 9/8/2023 6:03:21 AM:
New e-bikes. Love them! Looking for recommendations for our first ride on Katy Trail with best views. 30 mile max round trip ride. Start in what town?

Karen C. from Clark on 9/8/2023 2:15:04 PM:
Hi! One of my favorite routes is starting from Rocheport, then head East. You will immediately get some river and bluff views that are beautiful! Then go to Coopers Landing (close to Easley if you are looking at the online map). Coopers is a great turn around stop. Depending when you get there, you might see a food truck, and you can get beverages from the store. And the river view here is amazing!!!

When you get back to Rocheport, go west about 1/2 mile, and you will experience the tunnel. It isn't super long, but it is long enough to be super cool!.

Have fun!!!