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Through-Biker from Chicagoland on 4/7/2024 5:35:35 PM:
Did the GAP/C&O and caught the bug. Want to do another weeklong ride. Loved the B&Bs, didn't camp. Was fine being off the grid for hours at a time. That said...

This trail starting in Raytown and connecting to the Katy seems like a great ride. I ordered the book so I can acquaint myself with the towns and places to get water, meals, and overnight stays.

Plan is to get in 50-60 mile days. Not looking to go much longer than that. I'd like to stop and see the sights.

Biggest issue for me right now is getting to the western-most trailhead and getting home from the eastern-most. I thought maybe I'd rent an SUV and put bikes in that, dropping it in KC and taking a Lyft to the trailhead. Then, picking up another SUV/van and head home. But I have also heard there are services that will bring you back to your vehicle (if you did that) at the start...that is where I could use some help.

Lastly, this is an east/west trail so I imagine there will be tons of sunlight directly overhead (versus the GAP where it goes over and you are shielded.) Am I directionally-correct? (I.e. am I going to want to consider a sun beating down my backside all afternoon?

Any other tips are appreciated.

Anne on 4/8/2024 9:25:25 AM:
We always park in St Charles and shuttle to Clinton. You could do the reverse as well. Many shuttle services. Vehicles are safe. We always stay at Country in and Suites. They let you park for the week. Let them know you have a car you’re leaving. It’s a great ride. We try to do it yearly. Enjoy.

John from Pacific on 4/9/2024 6:24:42 AM:
Have you considered Amtrak. I think they have direct routes from Chicago to KC and St Louis To Chicago and you can reserve a spot for your bike.

Ray (webmaster) on 4/9/2024 11:00:17 AM:
You mentioned starting on the Rock Island at Raytown, and then you would connect to the KT at Windsor. Just be aware that there is a gap in the Rock Island trail between Lee's Summit and Pleasant Hill. People ride this gap using on-road routes all the time, but I'm just mentioning this because I know some people only want to use trail. The interactive map at https://bikekatytrail.com/katy-trail-map.aspx offers the route that Google suggested for biking between Lee's Summit and Pleasant Hill.

Also you asked about tree cover. You will definitely get more sun on the Katy Trail than on the GAP, but there are still a lot of wooded sections. Besides wooded areas and river bluffs, there's a good amount of trees along the sides of many parts of the old railroad right of way.

Finally you asked about shuttles - here is a list of all the shuttle services we know of: https://bikekatytrail.com/planner.aspx?scid=306&ecid=59&rt=0&rtid=1&svcs=|17|

Good luck planning your trip, and have fun out there on the trail

Anonymous on 4/19/2024 9:14:50 AM:
Who do you contact about leaving a car in St. Charles? Got a phone number, etc?

Anne from Arizona on 4/20/2024 9:27:46 PM:
Since we stay at the Country Inn and Suites we notify the front desk. They will tell you where to park. It is the lot behind their parking deck. They will note your make model and license and return date and log it in a ledger they keep. It’s safe. We have not had any problems and there are lots of vehicles that park there.

MichiganMike from St Joseph, MI on 5/5/2024 7:16:16 PM:
Have done both a handful of times each. Logistics for me have varied. Going to do the Katy this year one last time and decided to rent a car one way to Clinton, then pick up another one way rental in St. Peters (5 or so miles from St Charles) to drive back to St Joe. Rented a mini van each way so the bike will fit in no problem. Good luck on your trip.

Uncle Rico from Chicago on 5/5/2024 8:32:36 PM:
HI Chicago,

My buddy and I are biking the Katy in mid-May. Taking the Amtrak to Sedalia, then working our way east. Catching the train back to Chicago. From St. Charles, we'll bike to Lambert Airport and take the train downtown to catch the Amtrak. Tickets were around $100 round trip. This site has a good route from the trail in St. Charles to Lambert Airport.

Have a good ride.