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Reply to Trying to find the best ride for older woman that loves the little towns
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Wendy from Suburb of Chicago on 4/25/2024 11:31:22 AM:
I started last year doing solo trips. The trips will be geared around bicycle trials I can handle and feel safe riding. Katy has come up in many of my searches, so I thought I should check more into this.

I would love suggestions of where to bike on this trail and safe places to stay. I would only be in the area for 3-4 days tops.

I am a young woman of 58 and enjoy pedaling trails that run through small towns and/or have sites to stop and check out.

I know zero about the Katy (but will do more research) so any suggestions are welcome.

My bike (if it matters) is a Trek Hybrid.

Anonymous on 4/26/2024 8:47:49 AM:
We have through the years enjoyed the Rocheport and Hermann areas of the trail. East and west of those two has some great views and welcoming small towns.

Have never stayed or biked on the Katy and felt unsafe...it goes without saying though to always be spatially aware of your surroundings no matter where you are. This is a great site to read reviews and check out what the towns have to offer to see if they are of interest to you.

Your Trek hybrid is well suited for the Katy. Skinny tires work but not have enough contact. Fat tires will work but are overkill. Hydrids with 38's are a good fit for the Katy.

Have fun planning and enjoy your ride on the Katy.

Alan from Sedalia on 4/26/2024 12:16:32 PM:
If you enjoy small towns you'll like the Katy Trail. The section between Weldon Spring and Tebbetts seems to have the highest concentration but the entire trail has towns scattered all along its length. The small town of Rocheport is particularly charming and the trail east of there in my opinion is beautiful. I'm not sure which Trek hybrid bike you have but I rode a round trip of the entire Katy Trail last year on a Specialized Sirrus which is considered a hybrid bike and it did great. I'm male a few years older than you and I made that trip alone and never once felt unsafe. I have seen women riding the trail solo also. The trip planner on this site is a great resource. Good luck and have fun.

Jim from St. Thomas on 4/26/2024 5:27:23 PM:
I think my pick for your criteria would be McKittrick/Hermann to St Charles. You would have Treloar, Marthasville, Dutzow, Augusta, Defiance and you would end in St Charles with plenty of lodging and meal options. Your Trek hybrid will be fine. My wife and I have ridden Clinton to St Charles many times on our Treks.

Cathy from Churchill from Churchill, PA on 4/28/2024 11:18:25 PM:
I agree that your Trek Hybrid will be great for the Katy Trail. That was the bike I rode from 2005 until I moved from Missouri to Pennsylvania in 2017.

How far do you plan to ride each day? The previous suggestions are all great. Once I know how far you ride a day I'll weigh in on intinerary suggestions.

I rode solo on the Katy many times. I'm a "older woman" and have never felt concerned by people. Occasionally I would see a snake here and there, but if you don't bother them they won't bother you.

I would suggest that you carry something like pepper spray. I have found them at places like Dick's or WalMart in the sporting section. It's a small, maybe 2 inch canister on a keychain type thingy. I think some joggers have them. That's more for the very, very rare dog that may nip at you. In my 12 years of riding on the Katy no dog ever threatened me, but I felt a little more confident having one in my panier.

You will absolutely love riding on the Katy Trail.