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Tom from Fort Madison IA. on 6/4/2005 1:18:45 PM:
When is the best time to view the trees changing in the fall?

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 6/4/2005 7:26:14 PM:
The peak for fall color varies for many reasons.....so the "best" time is sometimes difficult to determine. For the past two years, the second and third weeks in October have been very beautiful around Rocheport.

We rode the second weekend in Oct. last year and it could not have been a better time....also rode on Halloween day and most all of the leaves had fallen....still a very pretty ride tho.

The Missouri Department of Conservation tracks peak times throughout the state and is relatively accurate. Their web addy is: http://www.conservation.state.mo.us/

See ya on the trail!