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group rides on KATY

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Suzannw from Kentucky on 4/29/2024 12:41:57 PM:
I am looking to join a small group/tour for a 3-4 day ride on the trail. Don't feel comfortable going solo. Preferably Rocheport-St.Charles. Any tour or guide services advice would be appreciated.

CurtM from Farmington AR on 5/6/2024 6:49:02 PM:
I've done the MKT several times solo and you should not be intimidated. I can't think of any place other than maybe North Jefferson where I wouldn't leave a vehicle. Having said that, parking at the Community Center in Clinton (west portal) or St Charles (not quite the east portal, but close) are plenty safe. You check in at the Clinton Community Center, which is about a half mile from the start on a decent bike trail. There's also camping there. As others have mentioned, there are hotels in St Charles where you can park a vehicle, or there is parking along the trail itself in several public lots. I would say that you need to be able to handle bad weather (thunderstorms, hail, high summer temps/humidity, etc.); that's the real risk. This web site is super for finding accommodations, cafes, shuttles, etc. You'll have a great time.

Anonymous on 5/8/2024 7:30:27 AM:
Cool for women to ride solo, I am 100% up for that but do you see women doing it often?

CurtM from Farmington AR on 5/14/2024 9:08:41 PM:
Another two cents worth. I would guess that solo riders are not in the majority, but I would say of the walkers, hikers and other trail users I've seen more women than men going it alone. I do remember a woman hiking across the US alone that I met on the MKT a few years ago. If you want to test the trail, would maybe recommend the Big Bike across Missouri (Big BAM) event. 2024 dates are 2-6 June and 6-12 Oct. It's a group ride but it's so strung out that you may as well be riding solo, which you can do if you wish. You'll be with the group in the evenings, so it may be a good way to see the trail by yourself but still have the companionship when you want it. In fact, last summer I kind of rode through the middle of the group, but was still traveling pretty much alone. Would recommend October simply because June can get warm. Cheers.