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Washington to Sedalia

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Joe from Madison, Wi on 5/8/2024 8:17:45 AM:
My wife and I will riding from Washington to Sedalia then taking tha Amtrak back to Washington. Looking for suggestions of places to eat and see along that route.

Anonymous on 5/8/2024 1:10:13 PM:
What to see/eat entirely depends on what you like. The trail of course is what to see. We take our time and smell the roses. The limestone bluffs, the river, the farm land, tree canopies, wild flowers and wildlife are all worth taking time for. Other than that I think both Jefferson City and Hermann are good short detours off the trail.

Jefferson City has the Missouri State Capitol which is worth a tour for the Thomas Hart Benton murals. Arris' Pizza and Madison's are good lunch stops near the capitol.

Hermann is quaint little German town with German beer, wine, food and architecture. Wineries with polka bands on the patio can be fun too. HUP....HUP.....HO!!! Loutre Market just south of the Katy at McKittrick has been a good stop to buy Hermann area wine often for less than winery prices.

Happy Trails!