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Kim's Cabins in Windsor

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Jen K from St. lous on 5/13/2024 12:00:03 PM:
Does Kim's also have camping availble? We have friends who camp and friends who need a cabin! Or, any other suggestions would be helpful. The one in Defiance does, but we want something further west.

Jim from St. Thomas on 5/13/2024 6:58:13 PM:
Hey Kim! You really need to get a phone!

Clinton from Clinton on 5/13/2024 11:03:55 PM:
Kim and her cabins are as good as it gets, but I don’t think she has camping. Katy-Rock Junction is within sight and shouting distance of Kim’s Cabins and is a tent camping delight with a super clean bath house and lots of little extras. Cabin at Kim’s and camp at Katy-Rock and everyone will be happy.

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 5/14/2024 9:25:33 AM:
Kim here ?? I don't have camping, just my four modern cabins with kitchens. As Clinton said, across the street is wonderful Katy-Rock Junction and I often have folks do a mix of both mine and theirs. My phone number is everywhere if anyone needs it - 660-351-0905. Thanks for checking!

Anonymous on 5/14/2024 1:47:05 PM:
Kim here??

Kim.....you not sure if you're Kim or not??

Clinton from Clinton on 5/15/2024 12:06:37 AM:
Kim knows who she is, and everyone who is anyone knows who Kim is. The question is, who are you, Skippy? Oh, I’m sorry, Anonymous?

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 5/15/2024 11:45:07 AM:
Definitely Kim here - have no idea why the question marks except my eyes are getting old ??