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Priscilla from Portland Oregon on 6/24/2024 9:32:52 PM:
I’m curious as to which direction to ride the Katy trail? Is it better to ride East to West? Or West to East? I’m also wondering why you say that. Thanks for your response.

Mark from Lee's Summit on 6/24/2024 10:31:37 PM:
Most people recommend riding west to east because in the warmer months the usual prevailing wind is from the southwest. Northeasterly winds are rare and usually only last for one day after a cold front blows through the state. The fact that the Missouri River flows downhill west to east with an overall drop in Katy Trail elevation is not a big reason, but people do mention that too. The biggest reason that I prefer west to east is to get the rolling hills out of the way early in the trip. The west end of the trail has long, gradual rolling hills all the way to just outside of Boonville, Missouri...then you get to experience a great downhill all the way into Boonville along the Missouri River. After that, you are riding along the Missouri River (or the flood plain in some areas) and that is all very flat riding.

Jerry Whittle from O'Fallon Illinois on 6/25/2024 12:21:08 PM:
I've done the Katy 11 times about equally split on the direction. I prefer west to east. As Mark mentioned, the prevailing wind is usually that way and there's a little more downhill.

There is another reason. Often stores and restaurants in the smaller towns are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays especially during the non-summer months. So if you start in Clinton on Monday; leave from Sedalia on Tuesday; and leave from Boonville on Wednesday, you avoid that issue.

I highly recommend both good sunglasses and a blinking taillight when going west to east. The sun will be in your face, and the face of anyone riding behind you, especially if you get on the trail early.