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Planning My Trip

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Wendy from Chicago Suburb on 6/25/2024 11:14:24 AM:
After my first vacation spot was canceled out, I decided to do the Katy. I want to start in St Charles and will ride until I'm tired and head back. I am not much of a planner. I love the thrill of the unknown. However, since I am going solo to an unfamiliar area, I need to do SOME planning. is St Charles a good place to start on the trail? I read somewhere it's a great area surrounded by great views and towns. I want to encounter towns with things to do when I'm not riding. I also need a place to stay (probably three nights). it doesn't have to be St Charles, it can be someplace near. But I have read of some great places in the feed and figured someone would be able to give me some leads. I am on a budget, so please keep that in mind.
PS: If anyone wants to recommend a different area in MO to ride (other than st. chas.) - please do so.

PPS: I love reading about everyone's adventures and look forward to any tips and insights!