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Bike rental rocheport

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Blair from Florida on 6/26/2024 4:09:38 PM:
We are traveling across country and wanting to do 2 out and back days from Rocheport. We cant find any bike rental that will reserve our bikes or allow us to keep them for two days in rocheport. Walts in Columbia was very nice and a great option but does anyone have info how to get to the trail from the shop? I think there is a U of Mo trail that connects. Or other ideas?

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 6/26/2024 6:12:49 PM:
I believe you are talking about the MKT Fitness Trail. It starts in Columbia off Fourth Street behind the Flat Branch Pub & Brewing. It connects to the Katy Trail at Hindman Junction. Going east from there takes you to McBaine, going west takes you to Rocheport.

Ray (webmaster) on 6/26/2024 6:57:41 PM:
And this web page has a map of the MKT trail: