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Matt C. from Kansas City, MO on 7/1/2024 11:34:28 AM:
So in the beginning stages of a ride with the wife across MO on Katy and I am trying to figure out how to get from the trail end at Machens to the Amtrak station in Saint Louis. Do most people have a courrier pick them up or what kind of route to get there on a bike. I am trying to determine ho to get back into Saint Louis from across the river. Thanks

Mark from Lee's Summit on 7/1/2024 9:38:37 PM:
Are you trying to get to the Kirkwood Amtrak Station or the Downtown St. Louis station? The Downtown St. Louis route is actually easier and less on roads because you can take the paved levee trail along the Illinois state side to the Chain of Rocks Bridge, cross the Mississippi River back onto the Missouri side and take the Missouri paved trail all the way down to the Arch in Downtown St. Louis. There is a small roadway and shoulder section that you have to ride from Machens across the Missouri River into Alton where you pick up the Illinois trail system.