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Traveling with small dog

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Odin’s chauffeur from Kearney, Nebraska on 7/3/2024 10:24:45 AM:
We want to ride the trail with our small Australian Shepherd, Odin, who rides in a pannier. I have been looking at the services that do planning, shuttle, and luggage transfer but they do not seem to be able to accommodate our pup! I could make reservations and arrange a shuttle myself but the luggage transfer seems to be the piece that I am missing. We are 80 years old, want to do a six day trip, and one of us can’t carry panniers with gear. Any suggestion?

Anne from Phoenix on 7/4/2024 10:57:00 AM:
I think one of you could probably carry your change of clothes for both. I’ve done the trail 4 times and each time I know I could have carried way less. You need only one change of clothes each as you can usually get a B&B with a washer dryer. You really don’t need actual luggage. Toiletries are available where you stay. Just a thought unless you have special things you need and they are heavy. Best places to stay include Maxine’s in Sedalia, Doll House BB in Rhineland, and Katy Trail Cottage in Jefferson City. Also Applegate BB in Augusta. All have washer dryers. Hotel Frederick in Boonville is awesome as well but you’ll have to hand wash your clothes. Best of luck. It’s a blast. It’s the best trip ever.