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Green ridge bike trail new camping site and room accomidations

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Katherine Wendel from Green ridge on 7/4/2024 12:36:52 PM:
I am happy tell everyone we will be offering
a apartment for rent for overbite stays and have camp sites with electric and water available should be up and running by August 1st for more info email is katherinewendel2891@gmail.com

David Wallace from Weldon Spring on 7/5/2024 4:26:42 PM:
Glad that lodging along the trail is finally available to cyclists with common dental occulsions.

CurtM from Farmington AR on 7/6/2024 7:15:26 PM:
Katherine; Thanks so much for the info, and maybe unintentionally injecting some humor into the forum. Green Ridge seems to be a good spot to stop for the late starters from Clinton. I'm planning a trip end of September, so I will be interested to see if your projected startup stays on schedule. Best of luck.