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best section of trail for e-bikes

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LM from Dallas on 7/8/2024 1:19:06 PM:
We are planning a trip to ride the Katy Trail in September. We only have 3 days to ride. What is the most scenic section of the trail to ride? We will be riding west to east.

Is the weather generally nice for riding in mid Sept?

Anonymous on 7/9/2024 9:26:39 AM:
We've always thought the most scenic is Rocheport and Bluffton areas along the limestone bluffs. Rocheport and Hermann are worth a visit.

Lodging often fills in the outlying areas of Columbia on MU football weekends. As always, plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

September is a good time to ride weather-wise...generally past the hottest days in July and August.

Considering your post title "best section of trail for e-bikes" Booneville towards Pilot Grove has several long grades that would make an e-bike nice to have on Lard Hill in Booneville.

Jerry Whittle from O'Fallon Illinois on 7/9/2024 9:56:11 AM:
I recommend starting in Boonville especially if you like views of rivers and bluffs.

Mid-September was the best weather of all my 11 tours of the Katy. It was dry and had great temps. Of course it could be completely different for you.