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ltt from the road on 4/25/2005 3:37:11 PM:
How well is the trail patrolled? I've never ridden it. Do rangers make regular trips? Is it safe
to stop along the trail?

Nails on 4/26/2005 12:49:03 AM:
I've covered every inch of the trail and have never seen anything like a ranger. As I've said in another post, you should treat the KATY trail as any other back country trip. First, no matter how insignificant a trip, make sure someone knows your itinerary and will be able to verify your safe arrival. Second, do not go alone if you will be away from a highly developed area. Third, think of what could possibly go wrong and have contingency plans. I'm not trying to scare you off, rather, I'd encourage you to push your limits in exploring. It's just that many of us become accustomed to having every service within 5 minutes and aren't conditioned in being self-sufficient.

Anonymous on 5/12/2005 10:26:53 PM:
A couple of years ago I did get rather frightened as I had a man who was stalking me. I am a single woman who usually bikes alone on the trail. This was on a Friday and the trail was not very populated at the time. He came alongside me, wanting to ride with me. I declined and he appeared upset and turned around the other way. So I was relieved. Shockingly, later when I went to turn around to head back, he was behind me and tried to dive into the bushes to hide. Fortunately, I am a black belt in Tai Kwon Do-not that I'd want to use it but I would if put in the situation. Even more fortunate, a couple was just coming back my way so I tagged along behind them. So DO be careful if you go on your own. I still go out on my own as I hate not being able to be on the trail. I just try to go during busier times now.