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K McCoy from St. Charles, MO (near Main St) on 6/27/2007 10:29:52 PM:
I'm thinking of doing a ride in the next couple of weeks. I haven't ridden a ton - just a couple of 9 or 10 mile rides lately. Is this length of ride too much to bite off this soon? About how long should I expect the ride to take? Finally, what type of supplies should I bring other than water & snacks?

Any help is appreciated.

Jim from St. Thomas on 6/28/2007 11:53:57 AM:
Are you riding one way or there and back? If you're comfortable riding 9 or 10 miles, 26 miles won't kill you. 50+ miles is a different story. I don't know what your riding style is but I would think 3 1/2 or 4 hours one way would be doable for you. That's a pretty leisurely pace and leaves time for several stops.

K McCoy from St. Charles on 6/28/2007 2:33:14 PM:
Thanks for the reply.

I will be riding one way and having someone (probably the wife) pick me up or possibly stay in a B&B for the night depending on when I get the chance to do it.

Any advice on supplies that I should bring (replacement tube, patch kit?, etc)

Cliff from Edwardsville Kansas on 6/28/2007 3:42:21 PM:
I just rode from St. Charles to Marthasville a couple of weeks ago and the ride from St. Charles to Augusta is a nice easy ride. It was our first ride of the season and it was'nt too bad. It's flat all of the way so that makes it pretty easy. Since your wife is picking you up you can travel light, I would suggest a tube and a patch kit with tools for replacing a tube. Be sure and take plenty of water, there is no water between St. Charles and Defiance and that will be the longest stretch of your trip. You will read some negative comments on this forum about Augusta Brewery but we ate there and found it quite pleasant. Have a great ride!

Anonymous on 6/28/2007 3:56:53 PM:
just a thot, you might want to go to augusta, and ride back to st. charles. you can stop at defiance on your way through, re hydrate, rest and ride on into st. charles. that way you are home when you are done. just a thot. either which way, have fun, be safe.

Norm from Raymore, MO on 6/28/2007 8:49:52 PM:
In my first ride on the Katy Trail I made the mistake of thinking I could go farther than I did. My wife dropped me off in Rocheport and drove to Jefferson City to wait for me. I didn't have a phone or walkie-talkie to call her and tell her I would be later than I estimated which caused her to worry. Assuming you'll be riding solo, it's a good idea to carry your cell phone with you just in case of an emergency. Also if you're like lots of us, when you see some of the scenery you will want to take pictures, so if you have a small camera you may want to take it. I would also carry a little cash in case you find a shop or store that has some snack or refreshment you like. Anything you can do to make your ride more safe and enjoyable is worth considering.

savage24 from KC,MO on 6/29/2007 8:00:07 AM:
Insect repellent!
I rode from Clinton to St Charles a few weeks ago and there were areas near the river where the misquitos were thick. They are not a problem while you are moving, but if you have to stop for some reason in one of those areas (repair a flat, for example) you will definitely wish you had some.