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A Wider Base of the Katy Trail

The Dalton Boys from Austin, TX/Columbia, MO. on 6/29/2005 5:10:28 PM:
I see in all of the missives a wider array of people doing the KATY. I am so tickled as I believe that the KATY, being a young trail, is starting to experience its full potential. When I read of folks from Colorado going to the KATY, it speaks volumes to me. Just in three years it appears that the "cottage industries" supporting the KATY are becoming more in numbers, and more "Ma & Pa" type facilities which are in my opinion more "homey". The representative for the trail who is part of the MO DNR confirms that right of way acquisitions in order for the KATY to go to the Kansas border are ongoing, and the ultimate goal of the KATY. The "Cowboy RailTrail" in Nebraska when completed will reputedly be then the longest railtrail in the country, so here's hoping that when completed at the Kansas border the KATY remain, as it is now, the longest RailTrail in the land. Enjoy the voyage folks cause we're all on the same bus and no one gets out alive so keep on experiencing!!! Regards Mark, Bill, & Rich Dalton all formerly of Columbia, MO.