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Marthasville, Choo Choo's

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Ted B. from Kansas City, KS. on 7/9/2005 10:54:45 AM:
We were looking for Food and Camping. We did not find a diner
But they had good Ice Cream at Choo Choo's on the West end of town.
The town constable stopped to chat with us. He is an Amatuer Radio Operator and gave us the Freq. of the local 2M repeater. (Washington)
147.240 and told us to holler if we needed anything. The young lady running Choo Choo's was fantastic to deal with. Camping was very primative but very reasonable. We would have loved a meal. Maybe Choo Choo's could sell sandwiches too. We will be stopping here on our next trip. A note: Like many of the stops on our trip Choo Choo's doesn't take credit cards and ATM's are few and far between so take cash. Read a full account of our Illinois to Kansas Ride at http://www.techkc.com/TrainingTimes/July%202005/tttjuly1.htm including pictures of Choo Choo's