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heidi from st. louis on 9/2/2004 3:04:03 PM:
Although there are numerous signs along the trail offering free shuttle service from/to the trailhead to the Best Value Inn, the week of August 9, no shuttle was available. We had, therefore to cancel our reservations and used the Jefferson Inn B & B's shuttle service. The hotel still charged us for the accommodations we did not use. No amount of negotiating has budged them from their stance on this issue. If you feel compelled to stay at the Best Value Inn, I suggest calling in advance of the 24 hour cancellation notification time to confirm the shuttle is available or risk being charged for accommodations you don't use.

Best Value Inn Hotel from Holts Summit, Mo on 9/8/2004 3:16:30 PM:
Heidi of St. Louis, Mo made her reservation though an internet service and only request was for a non smoking room. It was never indicated by Heidi that they were traveling the Katy Trail and were going to need the shuttle service offered by the hotel. She was not understanding that sometimes for one hour or more that the individual
doing the shuttle service is not available with no prior notice. Also since reservation was made through an internet travel agency service, those reservation can only be cancelled through the internet travel agency as any reservation made via a travel agency for any reason. All reservation made indicating need for shuttle service are accomadated or are informed that on that particular day for some reason it might not be available at time of making reservation. Even without prior notice shuttle is available 99% of the time and people are picked up within 20 minutes of calling.

nick(kc) on 9/29/2004 12:27:41 PM:
I am with heidi on this. She didn't ask you said, did you bother to tell her? If it is available 99% of the time, then perhaps you should let EVERYONE making a reservation or using your hotel when it will not be available (that 1% of the time). The "internet" booking thing also sounds like a cop out...

Steve Case from Loveland, Colorado on 10/6/2004 11:00:40 PM:
I just wanted to say that when my wife and I got to the trail head and found no phone we flagged down a policeman on patrol and he took us to a phone. When I called the hotel (no reservations) they very nicely said they would be there shortly. The next morning they shuttled us our two bikes and two bob trailers back to the trail head. As far as we were concerned they were the salt of the earth and we plan to stay there again one of these days.