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Michael Smith from Tuscola, Illinois on 2/23/2006 7:27:23 AM:
I am a first time rider looking for advice. We are looking to ride out of St. Charles and hopefully be on the trail for 3 days. What is a reasonable distance to ride in a day- I was thinking 30-35 miles (we are in pretty good shape). Any suggestions on place to stay, stop, or visit? Is it best to ride out and back, or ride out and take the train or shuttle back. Thanks for any help you can provide.

John from West Plains on 2/23/2006 9:45:29 AM:
If you are in pretty good shape, you might consider riding further than 30 miles. I rode with a group of guys that were not in good shape and we rode 40 the first day of our trip. We are going again and this time we are doing 50 the first day. You might get a little sore in the seat, but you will be fine. As for places to stay, if you make it far enough, check out the Globe Hotel in Hartsburg...Great muffins!

TRinJboro from Jonesboro, AR on 2/23/2006 11:56:22 AM:
Depends on your goal. If you are wanting to relax and enjoy the trail, 30-35 is probably about right. I've gone as far as 80 miles in a day, but that gives you little time to see the interesting sights. If you want to catch the Amtrack back, then Jefferson City is your last stop going west prior to Sedelia. It's 104 miles from St. Charles. If you do this, then I would suggest you consider B & B's in Marthasville, and Bluffton for your lodging. If you want to go farther each day, then I would consider staying in McKittrick/Hermann the first night, then Hartsburg the second. Hermann is an old German town with interesting sights. Hartsburg has a very good B & B (Globe Hotel) and a neat bike shop. You can then get up the 3rd day and bike back to Jefferson City and catch the train back to St. Charles. Good luck, you will love the KATY !

Jarred from Florissant on 2/23/2006 12:07:08 PM:
Just wandering how much time you are willing to devote to the ride?? Me and a group are going to ride the whole trail out and back in late july-early august. Were planning about an 8 day trip. Thats between 40- 50 miles a day. If your willing to ride out and back you are welcome to join us. This will be a first time ride for us as well on the entire Katy trail

frank from festus, mo on 2/23/2006 6:42:40 PM:
you may want to also contact the businesses along the trail to find out their hours of business and the days they are open. that might give you a little better insight into how far each day you want to ride. main thing is be safe, have fun, and enjoy the katy.

Rhona Lococo from St. Charles on 2/28/2006 8:33:10 PM:
Michael ---- check with us about shuttle and ending your trip at Lococo House ll ------ at the end of the trail ---dip in hot tub and also get a well deserved massage ---- at Lococo House ll

MaBell from Overland Park, KS on 3/5/2006 11:24:55 PM:
If you're in pretty good shape, I think you're going to want to keep going after 30 miles; it's such a great trail, easy to ride, and with great scenery. You can easily cover 10 miles an hour. The first day I rode the KATY was 63 miles - I didn't work terribly hard, stopped for 30 minute lunch and a few other short stops and a side trip, and was on the trail from about 8:00-4:00. Have fun - you'll love it!