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KWB from Lee's Summit on 10/1/2015 2:15:54 PM:
Here is a link to a good article which was in the Kansas City Star. The connection from Windsor to Pleasant Hill is supposed to open in 2016. We have heard dates before but I am looking forward to this. I know they have been working on it but I have no idea how far they have progressed. http://www.kansascity.com/news/government-politics/article37096584.html

KWB from Lee's Summit on 5/16/2016 2:16:42 PM:
I know there are some signs around Pleasant Hill's downtown saying "Katy Trail" but I have no idea how far the trail goes. Has anyone been on it and if so how far can you go and is it worth it?

Anonymous on 5/16/2016 3:58:13 PM:
Unless its a "Mileage to the Katy Trail," shouldn't the signs say "Rock Island Trail?"

KWB from Lee's Summit on 5/23/2016 10:00:31 AM:
I went down over the weekend and the signs do say "To Katy Trail" but dead ends on the south side of town. I came up from a couple of miles south of Pleasant Hill and the trail dead ends at 7 HWY bridge over a creek. The trail bridge is torn down to the metal. Seems to me someone knows what is going on but not saying anything. So far a lot of work has been done but it is non functioning.

Donna Miller from Shawnee on 5/23/2016 12:38:54 PM:
This is from 5/1/16 ... now they're saying 2018. But still, it's progress!

Donna Miller from Shawnee on 5/23/2016 12:39:26 PM:
Sorry, here's the link: http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article75026187.html

Anonymous on 5/23/2016 12:50:24 PM:
The latest link on the DNR State Parks website, from Jay Nixon's office says:

September 17, 2015

Jefferson City, MO -

Gov. Jay Nixon today announced that by the end of 2016, Missouri State Parks expects to complete the extension of the Katy Trail from Windsor to Pleasant Hill along the Rock Island Trail State Park. The 47.5-mile-long extension will allow hikers and bicyclists greater access from the Kansas City region to the 240-mile long Katy Trail, which runs from Clinton to St. Charles County.

Anonymous on 5/23/2016 1:02:41 PM:
The Rock Island Trail.....Windsor to Pleasant Hill is slated to be done Fall 2016. The Star article is about connection in Jackson county, etc from Pleasant Hill to the near the stadium. These are two different projects by two different groups of people. The article in your link references the Nixon press release about Fall of 2016.

If "they" are talking about the stadium to Pleasant Hill extension, it appears sometime in 2018 is the target date.

If "they" are talking about the Rock Island Trail State Park, it appears sometime in 2016 is the target date.

Donna Miller from Shawnee on 5/23/2016 1:18:30 PM:
Thanks for the clarification :-)

KWB from Lee's Summit on 5/23/2016 1:46:25 PM:
It sure appears to be a very aggressive timeline to be done by the end of 2016. Thanks for the information and if anyone from an official capacity or on the inside I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks

John from Pleasant HIll on 7/28/2016 8:40:08 AM:
Your best source of information regarding the P. Hill to Windsor extension is New Town Bicycles in downtown Pleasant Hill. I visited with the owner on Facebook yesterday and he has the scoop. It appears that the bridge south of P. Hill will now be bypassed and a route to access the trail is in the works. Windsor north to Chilhowee is complete and a drive on gravel roads last weekend revealed to me that large sections of the trail are complete from P. Hill heading southeast. I think we can expect to ride on the trail by next spring.

Teresa from Kearney mo. on 8/21/2016 2:55:50 PM:
So reading through these comments, I'm a little confused...is the trail rideable on a hybrid bike from PH to Windsor? Does anyone know?