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Female Rider from Kansas City on 6/12/2017 11:59:58 AM:
Heads up, especially to lone female cyclists. On Friday, June 9, I was crossing the large Auxvasse Creek bridge east of Mokane. I had noticed a blue vehicle parked on the road next to the bridge and assumed someone was fishing. A man was standing at the far end of the bridge, out of sight, until I reached him. He was performing a lewd act as I rode by, facing the trail. Fortunately, I was able to ride on without any further issues. I feel certain that he noticed me somewhere along the trail, maybe from Highway 94, and then got ahead of me to the bridge and waited for me to cross. This has been reported to the MO Dept of Conservation and also to the Callaway Co. Sheriff's Dept. I heard from some workers that the Auxvasse Creek bridge is a party spot. So, just BEWARE!!!

Barefoot4ever from Lake Ozark on 6/14/2017 9:31:17 AM:
But don't let it scare you completely off the trail. Biked the entire trail from the 4th-8th, and didn't find anything odd. Always good to stay alert, though!

Lin Wilder from Fort Collins, Colorado on 6/18/2017 7:28:31 PM:
Thanks for warning others, but yes, I would say to other riders to be alert but don't let it scare you off. We always felt very safe on the trail. Generally those who "flash" don't do anything else.

Cathy from Jefferson City on 6/18/2017 11:43:00 PM:
Thanks for the warning. I had a similar encounterng happen at the gas station at WalMart a few years ago. So I know how upsetting it is. We all need to be alert. But don't let it keep us from living our lives and enjoying things like the Katy Trail.

Female Rider from Kansas City on 6/19/2017 9:23:54 AM:
I will add that prior to the bridge incident, there was a small blue SUV with tinted windows driving very slowly down the trail (between Mokane and the bridge). This was a different vehicle than what I saw at the bridge. They turned off when the trail met a road and stopped right there as I rode by. I assumed they were lost or confused. It was disconcerting, especially when the bridge incident then happened. I did continue on with the trail, because I did not want any of this to stop me. But I am more alert than ever to what is going on around me.

KC from Austin on 6/19/2017 7:55:25 PM:
LOL, just now seeing that this happened near Mokane. Of course.

Anonymous on 6/20/2017 8:46:07 AM:
Bad form KC. You should do better.

KC from Austin on 6/20/2017 1:57:02 PM:
Had 2 horrible experiences there so I'm not just popping off. But you are right, I usually follow the golden rule, and I do know one terrific person from Mokane.

Conrad from Rocheport on 6/20/2017 3:36:05 PM:
When faced with a situation like this one, please do your best to acquire information that would be helpful to law enforcement. Such as make of automobile, color of automobile, and license plate info (# and state). A license number in this case would have resulted in a visit to the accused perp by a law enforcement officer and potentially his arrest and conviction. Lack of this information leads to a big, fat nothing burger as far as the perp goes. Write the number down on your hand, shirt, or your riding partners forehead if necessary.

Sarah from Hartsburg on 6/20/2017 3:45:48 PM:
That is good advice! Thank you!

Anonymous on 6/24/2017 10:37:25 PM:
FYI that this happened at 11:45 a.m. which you would think would be a "safe" time. By the time I realized what he was doing, all I could do was get past him, trying to sct nonchalant, and then at some point ride like heck to try to get somewhere fast to report it. I am 57, but I don't think I have ever ridden a bike so fast. My mouth went dry but I did not stop for water. I kept scannong ahead and behind me for a blue vehicle because I was not sure if he would do anything else. I was trying not to crash. The trail went away from the highway at that point, so I could get over to it for help. Remember, I had just seen a car driving down the trail so I didn't know vwhat to expect. I was so relieved to get to Steedman and tried to find law enforcement or someone with the Katy Trail, but no one was around but a guy working in his yard. He told me to "just keep on going" That is literally all he had to say. The problem was my vehicle was back at Tebbetts, and there was no way I was going to backtrack. Fortunately, around Portland, I met 2 very nice Katy Trail workers who reported the incident to their boss over the phone. I also talked with the boss and gave as much info as I could. They reported it to the sheriff, and we thought someone was going to go to the bridge, but no one ever did as far as I know. The workers kindly loaded up my bike in their truck and drove me back to Tebbetts via the trail. We passed the bridge but the guy was gone. The workers told me that they've never heard of anything like this happening, but they also said that the Auxvasse Creek bridge is a party spot and they always have to clean it up. My very strong impression at the time was that the guy had seen me and was waiting for me. He was definitely familiar with that bridge and knew exactly where to stand so that I would not see him until I was right there. That is creepy, and it was a crime perpetrated against ME. Two gals were a ways behind me, and I met up with them later. They saw his blue car at the bridge but not him.

Anonymous on 6/24/2017 10:57:40 PM:
Sorry, I typed that last posting fast and had some typos. I meant to say that the trail went away from the highway at some point after the bridge, so I could NOT get over to it to flag someone down. I really, really, really wanted the guy to be caught. I called the sheriff's office that night and requested that a report be written up if it hadn't been already. They told me it was not under their purview since it was a state park. The next day, I actually drove back through that area on my way home, looking for his vehicle or him in Steedman, Mokane and Tebbetts. No luck.

Anonymous on 6/24/2017 11:43:59 PM:
Anonymous (above) is Female Rider from Kansas City, if you did not figure that out! The really good thing about that day was meeting those workers, who care about the trail and the facilities and work hard to keep everything nice for all of us.

Female Rider from Kansas City on 6/26/2017 10:09:08 AM:
Final comment - I completed the trail yesterday! All the way to Machens (in sections, but I completed it nonetheless)!