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Paula from Omaha, Ne on 7/10/2017 10:49:40 AM:
Looking to share a shuttle from Jefferson City to sedalia early on Saturday October 21. We wanted to take the Amtrak, but there is only room for one of our bikes. There are two in our party. Disappointed we cant get on the Amtrak.

w on 9/27/2017 6:05:52 PM:
Could you send a bike on a previous train and have them leave it at the train stop?

Marc MkKoy from Collinsville on 9/27/2017 6:17:57 PM:
If you're trying to purchase tickets online, then it won't let you add more bikes, but if you call Amtrak and purchase over the phone, they might be able to squeeze you in. I've booked a bike on a full train before by explaining my "hard luck story".

It's worth a shot. They can override the system and make a note for the conductors.

It's worth a shot.

Rob from Kirkwood, MO on 9/28/2017 12:04:58 PM:
I had the same issue with booked bike spots for a ride in October. Just called Amtrak and she said the only option was to find a different train. I guess I'm not the smooth talker that you are!

Paula from Omaha, Ne on 9/28/2017 7:50:52 PM:
we rearranged our trip a little and were able to get on the amtrak friday evening. thanks for comments/suggestions.

Anonymous on 10/15/2017 3:16:55 PM:
Is there a local phone number for Amtrak at Sadilia and Kirkwood?

Ron_S from Overland Park on 10/16/2017 9:35:25 AM:
I don't believe Sedalia is a staffed station. There are people there but not Amtrak people. The bike limit is because there is only a small space for storage of oversize items. Several seats have been removed. It would be up to the conductor to allow additional oversize items. If there was space, or a closed (unoccupied) car he may allow it. Check for last minute cancellations. Some book well in advance then the weather or their plans change.