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DandyDon from Fairfield, Ohio on 9/6/2017 12:15:08 PM:
Is there any camping between Pleasant Hill and Windsor? Thanks for any reply.

Joyce from Garden City, MO on 9/6/2017 1:09:30 PM:
I believe we were told over the weekend that there might be a few camping spots in Chilhowee. I'm not sure who you would contact about those. We were also told the mayor of Chilhowee was turning a house into a hostel in town.

Matt from Lee's Summit on 9/6/2017 1:35:38 PM:
I have not heard of any. If I were you, I'd contact the Chilhowee Corner Store and see if they know anything. They are close to the trail, and probably would know. They have a Facebook page, you could probably message them. City of Chilhowee is also on Facebook.

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 9/6/2017 7:10:20 PM:
Leeton and Whiteman Air Force Base volunteers built a new pavilion in the Leeton park hoping to attract trail riders, according to this article:
It also says that the city voted to allow camping in the park, so you should probably call to see if it is now allowed (and then Ray can update the Rock Island website).