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greg from Kansas City on 9/30/2017 10:46:20 PM:
Why does the trail start at mile marker 26.9 in Machens? Why not zero?

Ray (webmaster) on 10/1/2017 8:20:43 AM:
This goes back to the trail's history as railroad route - the Katy Trail uses the mileage numbering system that the old MKT rail line used. So the actual rail line started somewhere 26 miles east of Machens.

Note that because of this, your mileage won't precisely match the mile markers around Sedalia, because the trail route varies from the old railroad route through there.

The Rock Island trail also uses its old railroad's mile numbering system.

Happy trails!

Paul from Quincy, IL on 10/22/2018 5:14:59 PM:
Greg has it pretty much right, except for the part about the rail line stating 26 miles east of Machens. Actually the MKT ended at the junction with the CB&Q (Burlington) railroad (now the BNSF) at Matchens. The Burlington line ran North-South between St. Louis and Burlington, IA. The Katy must have had trackage rights via the Burlington into St. Louis, 26 miles away.

Anonymous on 10/22/2018 8:14:05 PM:
Greg pretty much didn't have a clue. So he came here to ask why.