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Sedalia to N Jefferson, Amtrak

RK on 5/6/2004 10:11:37 AM:
Would like to hear anyone's comments on riding from Sedalia to N. Jeff and taking the train back. Lodging recommendations or caveats? Any problems crossing the bridge at Boonville?

Troy from Jonesboro, AR on 6/21/2004 12:06:02 PM:
Rode the trail from Clinton to Hermann in April. Took the AMTRACK from Hermann to Sedelia and caught a shuttle from Sedelia to Clinton. No problem with the bridge at Booneville. AMTRACK was great, no problem getting on and off the train with the bike. Watch out for the horseback riders on the stretch from Clinton to Sedelia. They think they own this stretch and are very demanding in their willingness to let you by.

ET from Columbia on 5/21/2005 9:19:10 PM:
We have really enjoyed using Amtrak, but they make it hard. I think if they would be more accomodating about tandems, trail-a-bikes, and larger parties (we can't use it this year because we have 8 in our party), they would get lots of trail business.