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L. Patz from CUMMING on 5/28/2018 7:40:11 PM:
Biked on the Rock Island spur from Windsor to Leeton on Monday May 21st. Wanted to go further with the goal to go all the way to Pleasant Hill but surface was just too soft. Had 700x38 tires. It did rain all day the day before so that may have made the difference. Disappointed because the trail is beautiful. btw the Sonic east of Katy Trail gives a free bottle of water to cyclist from the trail.

Anonymous on 5/28/2018 9:02:48 PM:
I think you entered an Area of Softness. There have been reports of the area between Leeton and Chilowee as not quite ready for prime time. MO highway 2 would have carried you past that area to Chilowee. Sometimes even the main Katy gets soft enough to cause one to switch to pavement for a few miles. It may take several years for all of the RIT to reach the condition of the KT. Interesting you had that problem with 38's.I would have thought they would have rolled right over the smooth spots.

Matt from Lees Summit on 6/4/2018 4:44:04 AM:
For some reason, the segment from Windsor to Leeton always seems softer than the rest of the RIT to me. Leeton to PH, fine, and the Katy, fine, but that W to L section, never feels quite as packed down and hence seems slower.

I don't know if it wasn't packed down as well when the trail was built, whether it is the fairly extensive shade/tree cover that keeps the trail from drying out as fast, or what it is.

Scott T Walden from Lees Summit on 6/28/2018 7:28:36 AM:
I was ride a Giant Cypress DX with 700 x 38 tires as well. They were fine on the trail from Purvis road in Pleasant Hill and it had rained the day before. I also road the MoPac trail in Pleasant Hill the same day, it has much larger gravel than the RI or Katy and I think bigger tires would have been better, it was a lot harder to pedal.