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Reply to Opportunity! Mokane Store For Sale!
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Eric from Mokane on 1/7/2019 7:02:03 PM:
Quick!!! I would love to have a Trail loving individual sweep in and purchase the Mokane Market! This is a Golden Opportunity to transition Mokane as being known as the most negative experience on the Trail due to the negative owners to something much, much more!!! I have faith that this post will find a willing party who will take this property to the next level of positive experience for Trail riders!!! The next closest stop for food and drink is at Portland to the East and Tebbetts to the West, when they are open, else all the way to Jefferson City! Come join a Great Community and lets make this the Gem of Callaway County stops!!! http://realestate.wolfeauctionrealty.com/idx/details/listing/a057/19000513/300-Fulton-Avenue-Mokane-MO-65059#

Cathy from Pittsburgh on 1/10/2019 1:01:54 PM:
This is a great opportunity. I live in Pittsburgh, but until 2017 I lived in Jefferson City and biked on the Katy often. In addition to people biking the Katy Trail, this store probably can attract local farmers and their employees, as well as people that work at the nuclear power plant in Reform. A lot of people in the area work in Jefferson City and would stop here on their way home.

Anonymous on 1/11/2019 7:54:01 AM:
Exactly who should invest...someone who recognizes that it is such a great opportunity. How about it Eric? Cathy? Quick!!!

Anonymous on 1/11/2019 1:46:46 PM:
I could see a restaurant/deli/cafe downstairs with the upstairs converted to guest rooms.