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Barbara webb from Kerikeri New Zealand on 2/7/2019 3:18:24 PM:
Hi I am planning to ride the rock island spur from Pleasant hill to Winsor pick up the Katy trail to St Louis. I would like to rent a bike in Kansas City and drop it in St Louis. Is this possible? I live in New Zealand so do not want to bring a bike with me. Thank you for any leads.

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 2/7/2019 7:24:36 PM:
Consider flying into St. Louis and renting a bike and having a shuttle take you to Pleasant Hill. Then ride back to St. Louis and return the bike. The Touring Cyclist in St. Charles (near St. Louis) seems to offer that kind of service.

Cathy from Pittsburgh on 2/8/2019 10:56:59 AM:
This topic has come up in the past. Others have suggested buying a bike at a Walmart or similar store at your starting point, and donating it to Goodwill at your end point. If you are not real picky about your bike you could probably get something that would work for about what you would end up paying to rent a bike, perhaps involving a shuttle service, etc. There's been other suggestions, I just don't remember them. Try using the search filter on this forum to find those previous discussions. Good luck.

Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 2/8/2019 8:00:37 PM:
The bike stop cafe in St. Charles rents bikes, and will also drop you off at your start point (for a fee) so you can bike back to them. Alternatively, you can get a cheap ticket on the Amtrak train from St. Louis going west and bike back east to St. Charles. Check out the Amtrak website. It's easy to use and low cost if you purchase in advance.