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Sterling from Kansas City, Missouri on 3/13/2019 2:23:16 PM:
I'm just curious. Do many people just walk the Katy Trail other that bike it? I noticed some of the distances between camp grounds could be a stretch for a person on foot. Also, Just how safe would it be to do it? Sorry I am a newbie at this stuff. Thanks!

Allen from Shawnee on 3/13/2019 3:20:11 PM:
I met a man last fall that backpacked the whole trail, I think he said his longest day was a little over 20 miles. He was a writer who publishes in backpacking magazine sometimes. He was very impressed with the hike and wrote a few posts on this forum, all were very positive, I don’t remember his last name but his first name was Michael. I have spent many days on the trail over a period of 15 or so years and have never had an experience where I felt unsafe. I have thru biked the trail so many times I have lost count, always camping. If you decide to do it, this website provides a wealth of information. Have a good time, Allen

Anonymous on 3/13/2019 3:23:21 PM:
Lots of people use the Katy to walk instead of biking. It is very common to meet walkers on the trail especially near the trailheads. Some are thru walkers too. Check out Katy Trail Trip Reports on the Home page. There is a hiker icon next to those trip reports by hikers. The biggest issue I've seen with people walking are those who are in the middle of the trail oblivious that anyone else is around. Then it can be difficult with bikes on both sides or to gain there attention if they are listening to music without being able to hear what is around them. Yes, the Katy is safe in my opinion.

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins, Windsor from Windsor on 3/13/2019 4:20:24 PM:
I've had 2 different instances of gentlemen 70ish from out of state who stayed at the cabins and hiking entire trail. A group of ladies I shuttled some and had stay who over time hiked it in sections. Said they'll be back to hike new Rock Island. All really enjoyed the experience

Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 3/14/2019 10:35:01 AM:
Many people walk the trail, especially in the off season. Locals who regularly walk their favorite sections have been a great source of advice on where to stay and eat, and have given me stories of the history of the trail. Just remember to call out "on your left" or something similar before you pass walkers (and their dogs) so you don't startle them. Yes, the Katy is very safe.

Michael from Camdenton, Mo on 3/15/2019 4:08:36 PM:
I walked the entire trail from Clinton to Machens!... best 16 days I ever spent. I incourage anyone wanting to hike the entire trail to do it it’s safe and the people are amazing!!!????