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Dutzow to Washington bridge

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Woodchuck on 3/18/2019 7:21:30 AM:
What is the status of getting from Dutzow to Washington across the bridge? Is there a bike lane on bridge? Shuttle? Taxi? Would prefer not to ride across in car lane if at all possible. Thanks.

Allen from Shawnee on 3/18/2019 8:49:04 AM:
There was a recent discussion on this and a person who lives there says the bridge is open but bike path is not complete and open yet. There is a 10 foot shoulder next to the travel lanes for cars on the bridge, so you wouldn’t be traveling in lane with cars. Keep in mind if you are really afraid of traveling around cars that the route from the trail to the bridge is along a hiway with a shoulder and some of the riding in towns will be around cars.

Travis from Mexico, Mo on 3/23/2019 1:49:59 PM:
Does the bridge connecting Dutzow and Washington have a a bike/pedestrian lane at this time? Just looking into lodging in Washington only if a bike lane is complete.

Hank on 3/23/2019 7:38:26 PM:
The bike lane is not open and won't be open until mid-2019. I don't think MoDOT has given a date. However the new bridge has 10-ft shoulders which are fine for bike riding. Highway 47 south from Dutzow has 8-ft shoulders and this is a busy highway. It is doable though not ideal in my opinion. I live in this area and would have no concerns at all crossing the new bridge on the wide shoulders, but am not a big fan of the Highway 47 stretch with the narrow shoulders and high traffic.

Augusta Bottom Road is an option, though this is a gravel road that is also pretty highly trafficked. In dry weather the gravel gets extremely dusty and really is not a good option. It is tempting to take this route because it is a more direct route to / from Augusta on the Katy Trail, but it too is not ideal.

Dave from Kirkwood on 3/23/2019 11:29:07 PM:
I was on the bridge today (in a car en route to Marthasville trailhead). Hank explains the situation very well. My only extra comment is that one needs to be careful getting onto or off the bridge (with nice wide shoulder) given the construction. The shoulder currently disappears on both ends, so one may need to wait for a break in cars to get on or off the bridge safely.

Katy Haus from Marthasville on 3/29/2019 5:54:21 PM:
If you prefer to shuttle, give Revolutions Cycles or Hoeffel Haus B&B in Washington a call. They both will shuttle bicyclists to/from the Katy Trail and Washington.

Linda from Sebastopol CA on 6/24/2024 5:15:57 PM:
Riding from Dutzow to Washington was pretty easy for us (on a sunny day). The bridge has a separated bike lane. The highway leading up to it was busy, with some trucks, but has a pretty good bike lane/shoulder. The other option we used was the Augusta bottom road. That was pretty terrible. Gravel of all sizes and a washboard effect on a lot if it. I don't recommend it.

CurtM from Farmington AR on 6/25/2024 5:58:20 PM:
Kind of an ancient thread until the last post, but would agree 100% that riding from Dutzow to Washington on Highway 92, then 47 to Washington is far preferable to the Augusta Bottom Road. I rode this last June '23 when the shoulders had just been surfaced on 92 and 47; hadn't been striped then but must be by now. Shoulders are about 3 or 4 ft wide, and there is steady traffic on both highways, but once you're at the bridge it's a totally separate bike lane. So, if you don't like riding in traffic, this is not going to be to your liking. A beautiful crossing once you get to the bridge. You will also be riding in traffic in Washington pretty much everywhere. Can't comment on riding west to old town; went east to the Best Western, a really nice place and bike-friendly. Just be aware that if you're riding on 5th to the BW, the last hill (about 1/2 mile from the hotel) is a real beast. It sneaks up on you since 5th from the highway intersection in town until that point is a nice gentle downhill. It would be nice to have a short connector from the bridge lane to the river bike trail; you'll see it as you cross to Washington; maybe some day. Nice restaurants and B&Bs on the west side, but the streets are somewhat narrow. I've seen some comments where riders travel toward traffic when riding paved roads (facing oncoming traffic). That works for walkers, but is a terrible idea when riding a bike. You're operating a vehicle, and the best thing is to have a rear blinking light, as bright as you can get. Happy trails.