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N.P. from Saint Charles on 12/12/2004 11:38:24 AM:
we had decent food. There was only 1 server on a friday night which was not great. We were there for my birthday and as a going away dinner for my husband who was leaving for the Air Force and the manager told us they needed the table for another party and asked us to either move to the smoking section (GROSS) or to leave! I was seriously offended and will not go there again. That was a horrible way to treat anyone, muchless a military family! Do not patronize this business, you may be prematurely asked to leave so that they can make more money!

dm on 3/8/2005 7:02:17 AM:
We enjoyed the food and the service. In fact took our friends back and they said the same. Perhaps you got ahold of someone having a bad day.

We have been back often and enjoy the experience. You may want to give them another try.

Jamie A from St Louis on 3/29/2005 10:13:44 PM:
I visted RT Weilers and thought it was nice. I guess everyone can have a bad experience somewhere but I have been there a couple of times and though the service was not really fast the place was packed for a reason because the server was very friendly and the food was good.

Michael Fox from St. Charles on 8/29/2005 3:34:21 PM:
I have met the owner personally on main street while in downtown St. Charles. I had been to the restaurant before and enjoyed the food. The owner was very friendly and interested in my opinion of the restaurant once I had told him that I had been there before. The service was fast, the drink menu was one of the best I have found on main street, and the nachos are excellent. I'll go back.

M.S. on 10/24/2005 3:15:14 PM:
I was in RT Weiler's over the weekend- good bands, horrible service- the bartender (later identified herself as one of the owners) was rude to us, and even worse, downright nasty to some of the employees. We will never go back.

Anonymous from St Louis, MO on 11/7/2005 10:53:45 AM:
My husband and I have been to R T Weilers many times. We have found that, except for one exception, the servers and bartenders are very nice. We understand that since Main Street in St Charles is an experience in itself, we don't mind when the service is a bit slower. It's not a "fast food joint". The owner is very nice and is sincerely trying to make the experience unique. The bands they have are great ! If you go understanding that it is a unique establishment in a unique community, you will very much enjoy yourself.

John P from St. Charles on 11/15/2005 8:33:18 AM:
Lookin for a night out throughout the week? This is the place to go. Tuesday nights they have karaoke and Thursday nights with Dj Dreams along with E2TS (Ear 2 The Streets)spinnin all night long. They always have some type of drink special.

mr on 12/20/2005 6:02:16 PM:
best food and service we ever had!!! BBQ and pizza are to die for and the homemade carrot cake amazing!!!! five stars***** We eat there twice a week and love it.

Ava from St. Charles on 3/13/2006 2:54:07 PM:
I work nearby and eat at RT's twice a week. I love thier chicken salad sandwich and thier Philly steak Sandwich. I have been there for dinner, it is all wonderfull!!!! ALWAYS great service.