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Reply to Lost iPhone - $200 reward Help!!! (Between Pilot Grove & Booneville)

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Reply to Lost iPhone - $200 reward Help!!! (Between Pilot Grove & Booneville)
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Joseph Ringling from Chesterfield, MO on 5/10/2019 10:54:21 AM:
Hello fellow cyclers, late yesterday afternoon my iPhone popped out of my vest pocket. It is an iPhone 6S Plus (larger phone). Silver with shiny black screen. Please put the word out to your cycling friends. The phone popped out of my vest somewhere between Pilot Grove and Booneville. There is a $200 reward and I will pay for shipping. ??????????Thank you!!! ??????????

Deron Kazmaier on 5/10/2019 1:55:12 PM:
Hi Joseph, My wife and I live on the Katy almost exactly between Pilot Grove and Boonville (we are the ones with the vintage bikes out along the trail with flowers right now). Any chance you have "Find My iPhone" turned on? It will leave a breadcrumb location with your Apple account. You could go sign in to that Apple account and find the last known location. Worth trying even if you don't think it is tracking it. Happy to go look for it, but I don't have time to walk it both directions today and unless I have a general location I'm afraid tomorrow's rain will find it first! My first guess is one of the road crossings between us and Pilot Grove. They are pretty rough! Deron deron@pagestream.org

Deron Kazmaier on 5/10/2019 2:19:43 PM:
In case you don't know how to access the lost phone options, read about them here: https://www.iphonelife.com/blog/31961/tip-day-find-your-lost-iphone-even-if-battery-has-died Deron

Joseph Ringling from Chesterfield,MO on 5/10/2019 2:38:52 PM:
Hi Deron, thanks for the quick response. Love the vintage bikes! The phone is turned off to save power. All I know is it popped out of my vest pocket somewhere on the trail between Pilot Grove and Booneville. Praying someone finds it before the rain comes in the morning. If somebody powers on the phone before then it will receive a text with my home number (314) 624-9742. Kind regards, Joseph

Joseph Ringling from Chesterfield,MO on 5/11/2019 9:53:02 AM:
Faint memory of setting my phone on top of a bridge rail post. As you proceed over bridges look on top of the 1st left post or the last right post. Especially scenic bridges.