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FLOOD CLOSURES: Some sections of the Katy Trail east of Boonville are closed due to flooding. Check MO State Parks website, Trail Conditions Report from trail users, and Katy Trail Forum discussions for the latest details.

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Dogbert from St. Louis on 7/7/2019 11:19:06 PM:
I am planning to ride the Katy Trail from Clinton to Greens Bottom in St. Charles this Oct. 10-14 and enjoy a few hours at the Pumpkin Festival in Hartsburg on Saturday the 12th. I wonder if the affects of the Missouri River flooding will all be remedied by then.

Michael from mountains from London on 7/8/2019 2:45:53 AM:
Hi Dogbert When I read the recent posts below about the trail conditions, it seems to me that we just don't know. There is plenty of speculation, and some welcome optimism, but it looks BAD out there from the photos. In addition, the weather reports state there is more rain recently and we are told that the upstream dams will release water, so there will be damage and a mess to clear when the waters subside. We're planning a ride Sedalia to St Charles 26 September to 1 October this year and we are just holding our nerve; we have Plan B to ride the western sections and the Rock Island Trail. We've booked accommodation all the way; how about you? Are you hanging on or planning an alternative? Michael ps - it has stopped raining in London, for a while. pps - for anyone who asks why we fly 3,500 miles to cycle, we have close family and friends in the Eastern USA so cycling over there is a bonus for us.

Dogbert from St. Louis on 7/8/2019 9:34:00 AM:
I have not planned any alternative route. It is just easiest for me me to park my vehicle at my sister's house in St. Charles and have her drop me off at the other end of the trail. I've done that maybe 10 times now. It is such a nice, relaxing break from work.

Anonymous from Hartsburg, MO on 7/9/2019 12:35:40 PM:
Can anyone tell us about the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival, in October. The Hackman's and Nahler's appear to be wiped out as far as pumpkin's are concerned. Will there be a festival?????????????

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 7/9/2019 11:17:50 PM:
Probably; however, they will likely have pumpkins shipped in to Hartsburg from other places not affected by the floods.