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Volunteer Park

Mile marker 153.6

Volunteer Park is located on the Katy Trail, in Hartsburg MO

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Volunteer Park
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Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Paul from St. Charles on 04/29/2024 12:46 AM:
I will be riding my ebike from Clinton to Machens. I would like to camp here, but I would need two electrical outlets to charge my batteries overnight. Does anyone know if there are outlets available that work?

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Gary from High Point, NC on 05/29/2023 04:57 PM:
Is it possible to hammock camp here?


Bill in Houston from Houston on 05/30/2023 12:56 PM:
I have replied with a panoramic photo of the area, but it is a link, which requires approval. Ray will approve it shortly, I am sure.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 05/30/2023 01:04 PM:
Looks like it. https://goo.gl/maps/Uy1U5c5pV3Sjtc81A

Anonymous on 05/31/2023 10:05 AM:
This was posted two times. In the other response the indication was that hammocks were not preferred.

Bill suggests that it looks like it is possible to hammock camp in the park. Dunno, but I see a difference between something being possible and it being allowed.

When looking at the panoramic photo I see a tent between two rather large trees. Two signs in the photo near the tent...."Tent Camping Only."

Hammock camping may be possible, but it doesn't appear that it's preferred.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/01/2023 09:04 AM:
Good point. I took "Tent Camping Only" to mean that they didn't want trailers or campervans to park there. But maybe it means that only tents are permitted.

The state, and a few other sources, also mentions the nearby American Legion ball fields as a place to camp.
American Legion Park Camping, First Street south past River Road, 573-818-8343

Anonymous on 06/01/2023 09:27 AM:
Best thing I could tell anyone who asks is that the sign says "Tent Camping Only."

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Gary from High Point, NC on 05/29/2023 04:57 PM:
Is it possible to hammock camp here?


Michael A. Rodemeyer from Hartsburg Mo on 05/30/2023 06:12 PM:
The gazebo is where most people camp. They just pitch their tents on the floor and seem to do well. The trees are too big, or too small to hang a hammock. I would not want you to stretch a hammock by using the side studs of the gazebo. Enjoy the floor.

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Michael A. Rodemeyer from Hartsburg Mo on 03/31/2023 03:09 PM:
It's been 30 years since the great flood of 1993 swept through our town. Volunteers from 32 states came to help us rebuild. The park is named in their honor.It's hard to believe that the water was over the windows in the houses in our city. After a long struggle we came back and are very appreciative of all who came. A little Memorial Park is just 1/2 block west of Volunteer Park and it honors people in the town with kids on a jungle jim.

John Brett from Silver Spring on 04/01/2023 05:24 AM:
I'm curious as to the location of Volunteer Park. I'm not seeing it on Google Maps. Is it near the caboose? Probably not the American Legion Park with the ballfield. That's a great story.

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Ryan from Kansas City on 08/24/2022 09:44 PM:
Debating stopping here a night or two on my out and back. Does anyone know if they allow small woodfire stoves at this park? Thanks in advance

Bill in Houston from Houston on 08/29/2022 04:02 PM:
I'm not sure. If not there, then maybe down at the park that's a little bit south, at the corner of S Bush Landing Road and River Road. I can't tell if they have grills or not, but it looks like they might.

Stayed Twice on an Out and Back
Jefferson from Monteagle,TN on 08/08/2021 10:17 AM:
I camped for free on two separate nights at the Volunteer Park on my out-and-back, it's to the right of the privately owned caboose visible from the trailhead and close to the trailhead restrooms. The American Legion Park is also available but a bit further away from the trail. You can just make it out to the south from the trailhead.

The Volunteer Park was great, nice grassy area with shade trees and picnic tables. There are signs designating the camping area. The pavilion has 'some' working electrical outlets around the outside for recharging.

Nice and quiet, no bright street lights. The owner of the caboose stopped by to chat and to offer some tomatoes out of his garden.

I couldn't tell if the Hitching Post was open (it didn't seem to be) but Dottie's is under new ownership and is reopening as "The Burg." It was not open early August but appeared to be close.

A comfortable place to camp!

Dougt from Onawa, Ia on 08/09/2021 08:27 AM:
Where is this? What town?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 08/09/2021 09:55 AM:
Dougt, if you look for the blue text saying "Volunteer Park", you'll find that it's a link that takes you to this siute's listing for the park.

Jim from St Thomas on 08/09/2021 10:41 AM:

Dougt from Onawa, Ia on 08/09/2021 12:11 PM:
Thanks Jim!

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Dale from Farmington Utah on 06/19/2021 08:58 AM:
We were running out of food when we arrived, so about 10 miles out we ordered some Papa John’s from Uber eats, $14 delivery fee, plus a tip, but well worth it. People were already camping 100 yards from the stop, or trail head, and what we found out was volunteer Park. We set up there as well, peaceful night of camping, will definitely stay here again.

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Riley from Louisburg, KS on 03/21/2018 08:26 PM:
My brother and I just stayed here and it worked well for us. Was a little bit strange how close we were to other homes, but no one else around. Unfortunately no water or bathrooms at the trail head. All businesses closed except for the bar so we went there for a couple hours to fill up water and use the restroom. After the bar closed we didn't have anywhere to use the restroom.

Anonymous on 03/22/2018 06:38 AM:
There is supposed to be a toilet and water fountain at the trailhead, which is next to the camping area. Water may be turned off for the season. Google satellite shows the toilets. I have stayed there and the location worked well. The official campground was not next to the trailhead at the time, but the locals said to camp in the grassy area next to the trailhead. Worked very well.

sarah on 03/22/2018 08:02 AM:
True that! But there is water at the trailhead and the bathrooms are kept open... but on the trailhead. If you could not access those... I will contact DNR and ask. Those bathrooms are supposed to be left open.

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Dan k from Paw Paw, WV on 09/18/2017 06:43 PM:
There is free camping, on the Town side of the trailhead lot, look for the brown gazebo, a diner across the street, too. There's a bar/restaurant a block over. No shower, but running water, and clean bathrooms at the Trail head. You should camp up in the Gazebo! We did not, because someone else was already up in there. We camped on the grass, near the mulched playground, and found a live brown recluse spider on our tent when we took it down. They like mulch, so be advised. Other than that, a really nice free site.

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Anonymous from Ashland on 05/15/2017 11:11 PM:
The Cafe is up for Sale!

Anonymous on 05/16/2017 09:15 AM:
It's Doty's for $195k. Keep her legacy going and the Katy Trail thriving.

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Merinda from Austin, tx on 10/04/2015 07:37 AM:
Is this campsite still functioning? I don't see any comments since 2011. We are planning to camp there this week with our cycling family!

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 10/04/2015 12:23 PM:
Not sure what you mean by functioning. It is a small city park just north of the trailhead. It has a gazebo and small grassy area. There are no facilities, but is only about 50 yards from the trailhead bathroom.

ArkyKenny on 10/04/2015 02:01 PM:
Elaborating on what MidSouth said, it's just a place to sleep. The same can be said of several other places, like the ball filed in Marthasville, and the city park in Pilot Grove: They are just a place to pitch a tent and sleep (without making someone stealth camp--which is a no-no on Katy).

Miguel Trujillo from Rogers on 02/19/2016 11:00 AM:
Why is a no, no hide and camp in Katy Trail?

ArkyKenny on 02/19/2016 12:40 PM:
Not sure I understand your question. But if you are asking about stealth camping on the Katy, DON'T DO IT. Stealth camping should not be done on the Katy. Simple as that. Lots of history on that topic on this site, but making a long story short, DON'T DO IT. Camp in camping areas, or with permission only. Use this site to find those places, or knock on a door and get permission (and give the landowner $10 if they say yes), but do not stealth camp.

Anonymous on 02/19/2016 12:52 PM:
The park does not have camping facilities. The only place to legally camp are a few MO conservation areas that allow camping and private campgrounds. Simple as that.

jim from St Thomas on 02/19/2016 02:23 PM:
Sorry Anonymous, but you're wrong. You CAN camp at the park in Hartsburg - riders do it all the time.

Anonymous on 02/19/2016 03:56 PM:
No need for you to be sorry Jim. To error is human. There are some city owned parks/facilities that allow camping. Camping along the trail is either private or city municipality. None of which are part of the Katy trail state park system. Camping is not allowed just anywhere you like along the trail.

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
Alan from Independence, MO on 10/05/2015 04:39 PM:
10/2015 - Free tent camping in town park, one block off of the trail, between two houses. Look for the brown gazebo and playground. I camped next to the gazebo. Also more free camping at baseball field on the other side of town. After packing up in the morning, walked across the street to eat breakfast a Dottie's Café.

Volunteer Park in Hartsburg
AKillen from Kansas Ctiy on 08/14/2011 09:03 AM:
I stayed in the park on July 20, 2011. It was a nice rest under the gazebo and the people of Hartsburg were very friendly. Bring a flashlight (for late night needs) and you'll be able to use the restroom at the trail head (50 yards).

Volunteer Park (Hartsburg)
Allie from Warrensburg, MO on 08/24/2010 11:42 PM:
Stayed here on June 27th, 2010 during a storm and had to sleep in the pavillion. There is very little grassy area to camp on because of the lack of distinction between the park and personal yards. Since it was bad weather we shared the pavillion with a group of boyscouts with 3 large tents, plus our 2-person popup. It was a tight squeeze, but nothing too bad!

Michael Rodemeyer from Hartsburg on 08/25/2010 06:29 PM:
Volunteer Park is our small park and it is pretty obvious where the lines are around the gazebo. We also have a Legion Ball Park south of town (2-3 blocks) where 100 people can camp. Since we don't charge for camping in Volunteer Park one should be happy with the accomodations. Please contact Mayor Doug Lammers at hartsburgdoug@yahoo.com. I also read here in the Forum that Dotty's and Gary Caldwell help travelers in need (check previous entrys). We hope you enjoyed your time in our little town.

Anonymous on 08/26/2010 04:05 PM:
It is usually pretty obvious to residents where things are, but to the outsider it is often the case that things are not so obvious. Venture outside of Hartsburg and become lost or disoriented and I'm sure a local would be more than happy to point out that you missed what was pretty obvious.

Volunteer Park (Hartsburg)
randy from columbia on 04/26/2007 03:39 PM:
the park is a little off the trail head so it can be hard to find in the dark/dusk. if you look

towards the town you will see what looks like a jungle gym and a gazeebo in someones

back yard that is the park it is not big. when me and a buddy came into town a couple

weeks ago we met the mayor driving arround town she was nice and stopped and told us

we could set our tent up right inside the gazeebo if we wanted to sadly tho my tent is the

old fashioned kind that needs to be nailed down so we just slept out in the open under the

gazeebo. in the morning dont miss the best omlett you will ever tast accross the street at

the diner and down the road is the hitchin post if you wanna warm up at night. i will warn

you tho the hitchin post stays open all night so if your not a sound sleeper you might find

it difficult to sleep with all the noise from the bar. other than that the town is nice, quite,

friendly and i would recomend staying there if you need a place to stop for the night.

Jason from Huntsville, AL on 04/27/2007 01:22 PM:
We camped at the park in Hartsburg and had dinner at Dotties across the street. All I can say is GREAT about the whole experience. Very nice town, very friendly people, and Dotties has fantastic food! Two thumbs up!

Brent on 10/20/2008 01:38 AM:
Volunteer Park backs up on one side to Main Street (where you can also see a red caboose) and on the other side to the grassy field immediately adjacent to the Hartsburg Trailhead.

michael rodemeyer from Hartsburg on 10/21/2008 04:30 PM:
Mayor Nancy Grant, and others, have worked hard to make Hartsburg a friendly town for bikers and all visitors. We too don't like the too loud music and that war continues. Nancy has spent countless hours trying to get more business in town and to expand the hours of what we do have. She appreciates the comments of trail users and will bring up the problem of coordination of facilities along the trail. Remember most of us are volunteers spending a great deal of time trying to improve things. You may email Nancy directly at mrodemeyer@socket.net if you have constructive comments. Thanks.

Jason from Overland Park on 10/21/2008 05:12 PM:
Michael was actually nice enough to forgo his dinner and drive me to Jeff City the other night when I got stuck out in the dark and didn't quite make it to where I had planned. I can not say enough nice things about the work Nancy and her husband are selfishly doing to make the Katy (and Hartsburg) a better place for everyone. I would strongly suggest that everyone stop in Hartsburg at the B&Bs, the local restaurant or the local bar and support the town as much as possible. I have never met as many nice people as I did in Hartsburg the other night. Thanks again Michael!!!

Volunteer Park (Hartsburg)
Brent on 10/20/2008 01:39 AM:
Hartsburg Cycle Depot has moved to Jefferson City and is no longer located in Hartsburg. There is no longer a bicycle shop in Hartsburg as far as I know.

michael rodemeyer from Hartsburg on 10/21/2008 04:38 PM:
Sadly Mark and Pam Allchorn could not afford the $2,000 a month expenses they were being charged (thats a lot of flat tires) so they relocated to West Main Street in Jefferson City. They have purchased on old dental ofice and made that their shop and they now live above. Mark is one of the few wheel men that we know that can build a bike from scrath or fix one some one else has screwed up. They often go out of their way to help people stranded along the trail who need minor or major repairs. They can be reached at 573-636-9599. We mourn our loss of this neat couple although they are only 10 miles away from Hartsburg. They do still call themselves the Hartsburg Cycle Depot.