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Missouri Weather

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Electrical Storm Missouri River Valley Photo: Steven Lee Wright
more photos by Steven Lee Wright

One of the first questions people ask when planning a Katy Trail trip is "What will the weather be like?"  That's tough to answer, because Missouri weather can be unpredictable.  But here are a few generalizations (which won't necessarily be true in any given year):
  • Most thunderstorms occur in June, but there are many in July and August too
  • May has the most rain, followed closely by April, June, and November
  • July and August are brutally hot
  • Most snow falls in January and February
  • Fall foliage peaks around the middle of October
Again, these are broad generalizations, which are prone to exceptions.  For a more scientific approach to predicting the weather, see the Missouri averages below.

Weather patterns tend to move across this region in a west-to-east direction.  If it's raining in Clinton today, it will probably be raining in St Charles tomorrow.  You may want to check the Current Katy Trail Weather Conditions resources below on the day before a Katy Trail trip, and again just before starting your trip, to see if bad weather is headed your way.

Current Katy Trail Weather Conditions

Western Section - Clinton, MO Weather Central Section - Jefferson City, MO Weather Eastern Section - St Charles, MO Weather
Click here for
current Missouri Weather Radar from The Weather Channel

Missouri Average Temperatures & Precipitation

Remember, the "Average" temperature is the average of 24 hours a day.  The temperatures you experience riding the trail during the day, especially in the afternoon, will be much closer to the "High".
MonthHi TempLo TempAvg TempPrecipTemp / Precip
Jan 37 F 19 F 28 F 1.6 "

Feb 41 F 23 F 32 F 2.0 "

Mar 53 F 33 F 43 F 3.2 "

Apr 66 F 44 F 55 F 4.3 "

May 74 F 53 F 64 F 5.1 "

Jun 83 F 61 F 72 F 3.9 "

Jul 89 F 66 F 77 F 3.9 "

Aug 87 F 64 F 75 F 3.8 "

Sep 79 F 57 F 68 F 3.7 "

Oct 68 F 46 F 57 F 3.1 "

Nov 54 F 35 F 44 F 3.6 "

Dec 40 F 23 F 32 F 2.6 "

WorldClimate.com    As measured at Columbia, Missouri (central Missouri, near Rocheport on the Katy Trail)

March and September are the transition months for spring and fall, with a greater change in temperature than most other months.  Expect early March temperatures to be a bit lower than the average listed above, and late March temperatures to be higher than the monthly average (and vice versa for September).

Bridge east of New Franklin after the food of '93
Bridge east of New Franklin after the food of '93 Photo: Jack Chipley
More Photos by Jack Chipley

Additional Weather Resources

A few comments on Missouri Weather
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