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Wharf Street Inn

Hermann MO
208 Wharf St

Wharf Street Inn is located approximately 1.9 miles from the Katy Trail, in Hermann MO

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Wharf Street Inn
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Walking Katy Trail - Safe for Women walking alone?
Susan from Overland Park on 05/05/2022 10:24 AM:
I am wanting to walk about 15 miles for 3 days during the day. Is it safe for me by myself?

Marna from On The Trail on 05/05/2022 04:01 PM:
Asking your question is like asking if it is safe to drive a vehicle.
For the most part yes. Can things happen? Yes. Are people injured and killed in vehicles every day? Yes.

Many women have Ridden and Hiked the trail alone. I have many many miles alone on the trail.

Between Sedalia and Pilot Grove you need to carry twice the water you think you need. There is NO WHERE to get water between without walking extra miles off the trail.

John Brett, ADT Guide from Washington DC on 05/06/2022 06:14 AM:
In Clifton City, about halfway between Sedalia and Pilot Grove, there is Clifton City Service just north of the trail that sells sodas, beer, and ice.

David Wallace from Weldon Spring on 05/06/2022 06:29 AM:
Dog repellant spray

Anonymous on 05/06/2022 11:36 AM:
What Marna said.

As always, where ever you are, be aware of your surrounds and be street (or trail) smart. Don't broadcast to everyone you see that you are alone, where you're staying etc. Its none of our business. Make sure you have sufficient nutrition, water, etc. to physically make your journey. Carry a cell phone and know emergency numbers to call, same as you do when driving somewhere. Pepper spray is always a good idea on the trail for any unwanted pest. We've ridden the Katy for years and have met many single people, men and women, and never have any indicated that they felt unsafe. Smile, wave, and move on. No big deal to see any single individual on the trail.