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Forum Discussions about Abigails

Abigails in Rocheport
Chris and Becky Wagner from Topeka Kansas on 07/12/2018 05:37 PM:
We ate Abigail's last night Wednesday July 11th we spent the night at a bed and breakfast. The menu is changed twice a day all the food is cooked fresh we had iced tea we had a mixed green salad with fresh blackberries a reduction sauce with walnuts and diced peaches Becky had the lobster crab scallop raviolis and I had the pork chop with a peach chutney and a potato cake and broccoli with hot bread and then we took home for dessert a big piece of chocolate orange cake which was delicious. We made reservations for the way back we will be eating there Friday night

Abigails in Rocheport
RTV from Louisville, KY on 09/13/2017 02:36 PM:
This is a great restaurant and cozy. We made reservations months in advance. The owner/chef is very creative and fixed up a delicious vegan dinner for a guest. Our dinners were superb. A small but interesting tap list. I enjoyed a draft Founder's Back Woods Bastard at a street side table before dinner. Outstanding!!

Abigails in Rocheport
Erik from Greenwood on 08/28/2017 05:14 AM:
We were lucky enough to dine at Abigail's two nights in a row. I had two completely different yet equally good plates of ravioli. The salads were fresh and the tomato basil soup was fantastic! Topped each meal off with a piece of chocolate raspberry pie. They were very accommodating with my kids and made them something simply delicious for their young pallets. Abigail's is always the highlight of our trips to Rocheport!

Abigails in Rocheport
Blue Tapp from St. Charles, MO on 04/30/2017 03:00 PM:
The food at Abigails is fantastic!!! We've eaten there many times. Just be aware that they are not open on Monday-Wednesday.

Abigails in Rocheport
Anonymous from Patti on 05/13/2015 12:09 PM:
Excellent food!!! Not another burger joint, worth planning, but check ahead for hours. We only found because the Trailside was closed, and a local reccomended. Old brick building yhat is tenovated and really cute on the inside. This town is definitely worth riding you bike up the little hill!!!

Don from Ellisville, MO on 05/14/2015 07:24 AM:
Abigail's is one of my favorite stops on the Katy. Creative food and one of those places that you keep looking around inside because of the history of the town, the building and the decor. It looks fancy from the outside, but it is VERY welcoming to trail riders.

Abigails in Rocheport
Elizabeth on 05/13/2015 12:19 PM:
They must have read the post because portions were huge! If you are a hungry man let her know she would probably accomodate. Closed mon and tues.

Abigails in Rocheport
Anonymous from Athens, GA on 10/15/2013 09:25 PM:
Delicious food, small portions, needed more servers.

Abigails (Rocheport)
Delilah from Sedalia on 03/26/2010 01:50 PM:
Abigails is a wonderfully quaint restaurant with exceptional food! It offers a very relaxed, yet intriguing environment, due to the unique menu. The owners are very down to earth, hard workers, and casual in appearance. Yes, there are times serivce can be slow, but if you want a memorable meal that leaves you with the desire to return time and time again, then Abigails is the place for you! Be sure to make reservations or you may very well not get in! Seating is limited and you will see customers in bike gear, shorts, gowns, jeans and the such regardless of the hour of day. Go and enjoy!

Abigail on 03/26/2010 07:19 PM:
We had a wonderful time as well. The absolute best day of our lives.

Brian L. from Wichita on 03/28/2010 08:57 AM:
> We had a wonderful time as well. The absolute best day of our lives.

> - posted 3/26/2010 7:19:55 PM by Abigail

Good one. :-D

TT from Kansas City on 04/19/2010 08:32 PM:
Had a fine lunch at Abigails in Rocheport with a friend on a three day cycling trip. Efficient staff, outstanding food, plentiful fresh bread and butter, extensive by-the-glass wine list, and a casual but refined ambience. I had a warm potato salad with onions, mushrooms, goat cheese, and balsamic - very good flavors and a generous portion. The prices are fair for what you get (excellent food in a very nice restaurant) but I wouldn't call it "cheap." Hey, you get what you pay for. At the end of the meal I had my water bottles on the table thinking of a way to ask the busy waitress to fill them for me when she casually walked by, picked them up, didn't say a word, and returned a minute or so later with them full of ice and water. A mind-reading waitress - there's a concept! Highly recommended, but expect a wait if you show up right at lunch time (it's worth the wait though). I'd go again in a heartbeat.

Paul Toigo from Kansas City on 07/04/2011 08:08 AM:
We were fortunate to eat dinner at Abigails because of a last minute cancellation right before we called. The food was excellent and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Abigails in Rocheport
M&M from St. Joseph, Mo on 06/14/2011 01:50 PM:
A friend and I went out for our first ride and decided to make Rocheport our stop, rest, and turn around point. I was a little leary of going to Abigails because of some of the negative feedback I had read on here, but we decided to save judgement for our own experience. Are we glad we did!!! Wonderful food, friendly staff and great service. Loved the menu! Our only regret was that we only got to try two of the choices. We will certainly be back anytime we go through the area. Thanks for a great meal.

Gary Near from Tebbetts on 06/14/2011 09:37 PM:
Congratulations, you have discovered the secret to enjoying the Katy. Reserve judgment of the various establishments along the trail based on your own experience. Katy users are a diverse group and not everyone will agree on what constitutes a good or bad experience.

Abigails (Rocheport)
eahester from Pleasant Hill, MO on 08/24/2010 11:52 AM:
My friend and I spent a weekend in Rocheport for a "girls getaway". We heard great reviews for Abigails. We were afraid we weren't going to be able to get in because everyone stressed reservations. We called ahead and were able to get in w/in an hour. It was so worth it. Our food was excellent and the service was too. Most of the water tastes terrible in Rocheport but the water they served was refreshing! The only downfall is Abigails sets the bar so high you will probably be disappointed when eating at the "other" restauraunt in town. I know we were! :) Thanks Abigails for making our Girls Getaway that much more enjoyable!

Abigails (Rocheport)
Bill from Lawrence, Kansas on 03/11/2010 05:43 PM:
We eat at Abigails everytime we drive across the state or go down the trail. Heck, we even wait to leave home so we will pass Rocheport when they are open. Abigails isn't just a cafe - it is a first class restaurant. The food isn't pre-prepared. If you pay attention you will see a chef at work in the ktichen. If you're looking for a quick meal, you're really missing the point. The couple who own and run the place seem like good people to me, maybe just overworked and under appreciated. The food is ALWAYS excellent. I go to Rocheport, as I said, just for Abigails.

Abigails (Rocheport)
A from Kentucky on 01/03/2010 12:47 PM:
We ate lunch at Abigail's during our Katy Trail ride in October of 2009. We liked it very much. I have a hard time understanding the negative comments by some who have posted. It is a delightful restaurant and, as a small business owner myself, I was impressed with the organization and unique menu presentation. This is not Burger King (thank goodness!). Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant - at any time and of any kind - should appreciate the effort put forth to make this a wonderful experience, from the ambiance to the selection, and to the service. Nice.

Jim from St. Thomas on 01/04/2010 02:22 PM:
I think most of the complaints are about the temperment of the wait staff. I have eaten there many times and most times it has been an enjoyable experience. There have been times,though, when we have had the distict feeling that they thought they were doing us a favor serving us. It's not a big enough deal to keep us from going back though and the food is good.

Abigails (Rocheport)
Jeff from Kansas City on 10/13/2009 12:05 PM:
We almost left before ordering, because it took so long just to get water. But, we are glad we stayed, our lunch was Turkey on Pretzel Roll with Avacado and Quesidillas were both excellent.

Will definitely return.

Abigails (Rocheport)
RBass from Meadville,Mo on 08/30/2009 01:40 PM:
Fantastic Food--one of our favorite places.Been going for over 10 years, since it was down by the trail head. Menu varies , so it is always new, but quality is always good. We have never had anything but great service ---I can only guess that some that have commented expect phoney overly sweet service-

Abigails (Rocheport)
K. from Merriam, KS on 08/29/2009 11:06 PM:
Great food. Best salad I've ever had (wild rice pancake atop mixed greens with brie, walnuts, dried cranberries...). Service was quick and prices were good. Didn't go for conversation with the staff/owners, so I didn't think they were rude at all.

Abigails (Rocheport)
Hughes from Shawnee, KS on 08/15/2009 02:36 PM:
Best quesadilla I've ever had! I do agree with the previous comments about the lady though - she must never be happy! So, not a friendly place, but a nice stop from the bike ride and awesome food.

Abigails (Rocheport)
Anonymous from Columbia, Mo on 04/25/2009 08:44 PM:
Just to echo other reviews, the food is outstanding, but the service is so atrocious it's bizarre. It's a husband and wife team who own and run the place. He cooks (fabulous) and she waits on tables (she's cold and rude). Too bad :(

lrc from Leon Iowa on 05/13/2009 08:47 PM:
Three of us ate there Wednesday, May 6---great food, great service, nice wine list. We loved it!

manhk from plano, tx on 05/14/2009 01:50 AM:
I ate there during my katy trail cycling trip. The food was great and the service was fine too.

Brian L. from Wichita on 05/15/2009 06:40 PM:
I ate there last week, and was very impressed. There's like 3 cafes on that block & I just sorta picked Abigail's at random, but I'm glad I did. Their menu is pretty highbrow, but the prices are decently reasonable (looked like $7-9 for lunch). I had a sandwich with thick-sliced turkey on a pretzel bun with roasted peppers, fresh mozzerella (!), greens, and aioli, served with tortilla chips, guacamole, and corn salsa with capers. Mmmmmmm! For dessert: "lemon blender pie" that was decadently scrumptious.

The only quibble I had sorta aligns with Mr. Anonymous above -- neither the cook (who's right out there in the open) nor the server were very friendly, let alone warm. The server was efficient and I never lacked anything, but she just wasn't very welcoming. (Maybe she thought I smelled bad from my morning ride -- a distinct possibility! LOL)

EB from Greenwood on 05/26/2009 01:16 AM:
I go there everytime I ride through Rocheport. The food is always perfect and the people are always nice enough.

Anonymous on 06/01/2009 12:24 PM:
We love Abigails! We had visitors recently and obtained a reservation for a Sunday evening.

The couple is definitely all business and know what they can manage. They are a team. Not

overly friendly, but they get the job at hand done in a very efficient manner. They have

stayed in business over the years, so they must be doing something right.

Forgot to mention that the food is wonderful!!!

Local Rider from Columbia MO on 07/23/2009 02:35 PM:
I agree the attitude of the wait staff and owners is rude; I feel like I am imposing on them instead of being a customer. The food is good but I don't know if it is worth the treatment.

Local from Columbia from Columbia MO on 07/25/2009 02:24 PM:
Hey Trek and Doug the post above isn't mine....boy those locals from Columbia are picky


I haven't tried Abigails but have heard the food is awesome and the service


General Store is good for breakfast and lunch down the street.

ktytrfan from Hannibal, Mo. on 08/08/2009 09:02 AM:
Abigails is one of my favorite restaurants and no, I have no relationship to the owners, nor any vested interested other than I hope it will be there when I get back to Rocheport this fall! I believe there really is nothing harder than restaurant work and "trying to keep everyone happy" with the food AND the service.

jd from gkc on 08/08/2009 09:17 AM:
Try letting them know how good their food really is. They seem to warm up to such compliments. Not everyone is an extrovert. :) :)

Abigails (Rocheport)
alison from ballwin on 07/20/2009 03:27 PM:
We try to eat at Abigails at least twice a year if possible. Absolutely wonderful food and people. My favorite!

jd from gkc on 07/20/2009 07:41 PM:
Bon appetit!

Abigails (Rocheport)
Mike T from Kearney, Nebraska on 03/21/2009 08:44 PM:
We ate at Abigails this past week (March 15th) and the food was outstanding. The best meal we had on our ride.

Mike T

Abigails (Rocheport)
Chris from Columbia on 02/03/2009 08:57 AM:
Rude. Tried to make reservations two weeks in advance, they said they were booked up and that there were no other dining opportunities in town. Basically they said we were screwed. Don't know if the food was any good. Never got to try it.

KT forever on 02/03/2009 12:46 PM:
Yep, had the same experience a couple years ago. Several years before, I'd tried it, and it was pretty good, but not good enough to warrant the attitude they serve for free. Les Bourgeois has a very nice menu though, and the general-store place near Abigail's had great munchies, as well.

Abigails (Rocheport)
Barbara from Columbia on 11/04/2008 11:24 AM:
We just went out to Abigail's for my birthday this past Sunday and it was FABULOUS! If it were closer I would definitely make it a weekly visit. The food was amazing and prices were so reasonable. I highly recommend it for any dinner.