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Rocheport MO on the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail

Mile marker 178.3
Population: 208

Bike Shop
Bike Shop
Repair Station
Repair Station
Public Restroom
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Visitor Info
Point of Interest
Point of Interest
Winery / Brewery
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Katy Trail
206 Central Street, Rocheport
Amber House Bed & Breakfast
705 Third Street, Rocheport
Clark Street Lodge
301 Clark Street, Rocheport
Davisdale Conservation Area
Diana Bend Conservation Area

Dormitory at School House B + B
303 Lewis Street, Rocheport
Edward 'Ted' Jones memorial marker

Katy Trail Bed & Bikefest
101 Lewis St., Rocheport
Les Bourgeois Winery & Bistro
12800 hwy BB , Rocheport
Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop
700 First Street, Rocheport
Midway Budget Inn
I-70 @ hwy 40 (exit 121), Rocheport
Mighty Mo Canoe Rental
205 Central Street, Rocheport
MKT Logo on Bluff

Mount Nebo Cottage
801 First St, Rocheport
Rocheport General Store
202 Central St, Rocheport
Rocheport Merchants Association
c/o Pebble Publishing, Rocheport

Rocheport Trailhead

Rocheport Tunnel

School House B&B
504 Third St @ Clark St., Rocheport
Yates House B&B
2nd @ Columbia St., Rocheport
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Forum Discussions about Rocheport

Bill in Houston from Houston on 04/21/2019 08:12 PM:
The tunnel is closed, and it looks like it will be closed for a long time. They are doing some kind of work on the rock around the western opening. There is a ridearound on the highway. We did not take the ridearound, so cannot comment on the traffic.

Lynn from St. Louis on 04/21/2019 09:43 PM:
Bill, if the tunnel is closed and you didn't use the detour, how were you able to pass through? Planning to ride the whole trail soon, and your reports are helpful.

Mark from Strafford on 04/22/2019 01:45 AM:
I checked out the Rocheport closure while riding my motorcycle today. Yes, work is being done right at the tunnel. I rode, by motorcycle, the detour suggested by the state park system. The 1 mile section on Highway 240 spur seems fine, no shoulder but very little vehicle traffic. The next section of the detour is 3.2 miles on US Highway 40. US Highway 40 has the grooves cut into the highway along each shoulder. If you are traveling westbound on the detour, there is approximately 1 to 2 feet of pavement between the road grooves and the gravel on the shoulder, MAYBE enough paved shoulder space to not have to ride in the vehicle lane. If you are traveling eastbound on the detour on Hwy 40, the grooves on the highway are cut so close to the shoulder, that there is not enough room to safely ride on the paved shoulder without getting in the gravel. From what I could see, most of the eastbound route on Highway 40 will be riding in the vehicle Lane. I guess you could ride in the gravel/rock shoulder for 3 miles, but it is not hard-packed chat surface like Katy trail. We start our Clinton to St. Charles ride next Monday, not sure if I am going to take my group out on US Highway 40.
Also checked out the closure at Boonville. As of Sunday afternoon, the orange gates were on the shoulder of the trail at the Boonville Trail head and at the other end of the stated closure, mile marker 191.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 04/23/2019 05:30 PM:
Lynn, there were no workers on Sunday, so we walked through the constructions zone. We would not have been able to do so if workers were there.

Allen from Shawnee on 04/25/2019 09:20 AM:
This is a question for Mark. What time of day did you ride the detour and what was the level of traffic?
I have toured on roads quite a bit and this type of road is ok with me unless the level of traffic is high.

Mark from Strafford on 04/26/2019 10:21 AM:
Allen: I rode the detour on my motorcycle on Sunday afternoon around noon. I would say traffic was light. I do not want to expose my wife, sister and sister-in-law to those detour conditions. If I was by myself, I would ride the detour, being cautious as you would be riding on any other road.

Mark from Strafford on 04/26/2019 10:25 AM:
I spoke with a rep from State Parks System. The tunnel had to be closed unexpectedly due to unstable rocks in the tunnel and above it.
Project could be done "around May 1", depending on weather and actual condition of the tunnel.

Rocheport from Rocheport on 05/01/2019 04:21 PM:
It's 4pm on Wednesday 5/1. I've just returned from a walk to the Katy Tunnel at Rocheport and it remains closed to bicycle and pedestrian traffic. There is equipment at the East side of the tunnel and they are using very tall extendable platforms with men and pneumatic or electric powered chisels to scale to the very top of the tunnel bluff and chisel off loose or nearly loose rock that might fall on trail users below. It appears that the entire east face of the rock bluff above the trail has been removed...I can't estimate the depth of the removal but some amount of that rock face is gone. It is a safety issue and one that DNR has worried about for at least a decade. Perhaps fifteen years (or more) ago, the tunnel was closed for a month or so while evaluations were made for this safety issue. Apparently, at that time, no action was taken. I wasn't able to ask any workers when they thought the job would be finished. No matter for a few days anyway. The river will slightly cover the trail just west of Rocheport and that alone would result in a trail closure and detour from the west into Rocheport.

Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 12/05/2018 09:35 PM:
Just west of Rocheport is Davidsdale, with a place to pitch a tent on the north side of the trail.
The General Store has craft beer, friendly staff, and good food. It's open most of the week in the off season. The bartender was friendly, and shared much of the town's history. I will definitely stop here again, since they welcome cyclists in the winter.

Dion Reihs from Raymore on 10/11/2018 03:15 PM:
There is a thread on here about overnite parking at the Rocheport trail head from 2007. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's STILL ok to leave a vehicle at the Rocheport trail head parking lot overnite?
Thanks for your time.

Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 01/25/2018 11:23 AM:
No food anywhere on Jan 23rd. Place was dead. But I've been here in the summer when it's packed with people.

sarah on 01/25/2018 01:11 PM:
Most of the food and lodging establishments are run by independent proprietors who close or have limited hours in the winter. Often if you make arrangements ahead of time in the off months... you can find accommodations.

Anonymous from Rocheport on 01/25/2018 04:30 PM:
All of the businesses are open Thursday through Sunday in the winter. Bed and Breakfasts are open every day.

Rocheport - Rocheport General Store
Denise and Mike from Lees Summit MO on 11/02/2017 12:44 PM:
We stopped at the Rocheport General Store for lunch on our ride across the Katy. It was a cold day so we didn't drink any of their beer or wine. We did have their chili and it was very good. It is a charming place that I would like to spend some time. There were women there playing games and enjoying the shopping while they waited for their food. The service was excellent and it was nice and clean.

PRG from St. Louis, MO on 11/16/2016 10:00 PM:
11/3 We rode from Sedalia to Rocheport and stayed at the School House Dorm B&B. We arrived pretty late, about 8:00. But no problem. They give you pass codes to the room and the bike shed, and have the room ready when you arrive. We got cleaned up and went to the Rocheport General Store for dinner (Open till 10:00 that night) and had a great meal of pork steaks, rolls, and a vegatable salad. The B&B was super clean. Everything we needed to bathe, good TV, and a decent breakfast in the fridge for the next morning. Also the bike shed had tools and an air compressor for working on our bikes before hitting the trail Friday morning.

Anonymous on 11/18/2016 10:52 PM:
Nice! Thanks for the update.

How was the trail condition? Still firm?

JRR on 10/17/2016 07:49 AM:
We stayed at the Schoolhouse B&B on Oct. 11,2016 after a great ride from Jefferson City. Chocolate chip cookies were waiting for us. The accommodations were superior. Mike drove us up to Les Bourgeois for dinner, which was also a treat.

Rocheport Trailhead (Rocheport)
RJB from Kansas City on 06/02/2007 05:27 PM:
I am planning ride from Rocheport to Hartsburg then back the next day. I was wondering if I can park and lock my car at the Rocheport Trailhead and it be secure for the night. Also, what is the trail like from Rochport to Hartsburg? I've heard it is pretty hilly.

MAH from Blue Springs, MO on 06/02/2007 06:12 PM:
I've parked overnight at Rocheport without any problems. The trail between Rocheport and Hartsburg has no hills at all. Occasionally you'll get a quick little 'up and over' a road or levy but that's about it. A week ago I spoke to a biker who said that between Cooper's landing and Hartsburg there were some rough spots due to the spring flooding, but with the DNR ride coming soon, I imaging they're working overtime to get the trail back in good shape.

savage24 from KC,MO on 06/02/2007 11:47 PM:
I have also parked at Rocheport overnight with no problems. I did the same thing you are planning - an overnight in Hartsburg. Be sure to check the business' hours on this sight or maybe call them and ask. It can be difficult to find anything to eat on certain days in Hartsburg. It is a great ride!

Cliff from Edwardsville KS on 06/04/2007 04:44 PM:
The Trailhead at Rocheport is a safe place to park, Ive been there several times and never had a problem. I have rode to Hartsburg and it is a great ride, flat, and problably the most scenic part of the trail. I stayed at the Hartsburg Inn, it's nothing fancy but clean and comfortable. The only problem is they dont serve breakfast, but had juice and instant oatmeal in the fridge. I ate at Dotty's for a late lunch and had supper at the Summit Hill Winery. Summit Hill has a nice patio and several other bikers were there so it was a nice place to chat about the trail. Have a great ride.

Greg A from Shawnee KS on 07/04/2007 11:49 AM:
Arrived at Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale late afternoon (Great Place, firepits, grills, they sell firewood, friendly, limited small grocery store, SHOWER, safe, right on river, beautiful view

Biked from Huntsdale to Rocheport tunnel (Awesome, perfect trail conditions, rest benches in all the right places) Winery is CLOSED ON MONDAYS. Entry to winery is somewhat hidden, .3 extent to top of hill incline does not include zig zags. Rest legs before you climb. All of Rocheport shops were closed. Other holiday week bikers looking for anything 'open for business' as well. It probably is a great little town we just didn't get to experience it.

Rode back to Katfish Katys. Tent is critical for a pleasant stay, expect bugs

Tuesday - Katfish Katys to Hartsburg and back. Rode early for a beautiful comfortable ride. Trail conditions were rough and rutted around Easley.

Hartsburg was the biggest disappointment. Dotties Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. No services, no place to eat, bike shop is out of business, actually the post office looked like the ONLY business, no place to get food or replenish

What we learned

Katy trail is for weekend warriors - do not expect any kind of services during the week. Most of these towns range in population from 14 to 108. Call before you go spontaneity will only disappoint you.

Take everything on the recommended supplies list website. http://www.bikeiowa.com/asp/misc/packinglist.asp Note to self - butt paste has no age limit

Biking during the early morning and late evening can make all the difference between a pleasant ride and a miserable one. It can get real hot, humid, and miserable real quick.

Seeing all the deer, bluebirds, gentle rolling river and spending time with mate, outweighed seeing the two snakes.

16 miles first day, 36 miles second day, avg speed 9.5 miles Not bad for being out of shape and just looking to have fun. We'll do it again on a weekend - probably this fall

Sue J. from California on 03/22/2016 05:46 PM:
Is it reasonable to park here for several (4 or 5) days? Planning to ride from Rocheport to St, Charles in June.

Anonymous on 03/23/2016 05:32 AM:
The Trailside Bike and Cafe across the street from the trailhead is open during business hours and the trailhead is pretty busy during most of the daylight hours. However not sure of night time security. You could possibly inquire to park next to the homes near the trailhead to appear to be living at the home overnight.

Trek on 03/23/2016 09:26 AM:
I've left the car at the Rocheport trailhead overnight in the past and would again. For that matter, I've left the car overnight at the trailhead in Sedalia, Boonville, New Franklin, Rocheport, Hartsburg, and Tebbetts. If I can, I usually let someone know that it's there and leave my name and phone number just in case. I never tempt fate by leaving anything visible in the car and it's always insured, locked, and parked close to the activity at the trailhead.

Anonymous PD on 03/23/2016 04:53 PM:
Some park or city ordinances may be violated if vehicles are unattended for extended periods of time and you may be ticketed and the vehicle towed. If you see something say something.

Laura on 10/04/2015 04:26 PM:
My husband and I were biking the Katy Trail yesterday and left a phone on Salt Creek bridge near Rocheport. If you have any information about how to find it please let me know! Thanks :)

Anonymous on 10/05/2015 09:16 AM:
Information about finding a lost phone:

Call the phone number and listen for it to ring. Follow the sound to the lost phone.

Retrace your steps to the location where it was lost and make sure that it is not there. Look around, it may be nearby and not exactly where you thought you left it.

Use the find iphone app.

Look through all your belongs to make sure that you don't have it.

Contact the MO Department of Natural Resources to inquire about a phone turned in to them as lost.

Contact a few businesses along the portion of the trail where it was lost to see if someone returned it to them.

Laura on 10/05/2015 07:07 PM:
Thanks for the information on locating a lost phone. Unfortunately we have tried all of your tips. The iPhone was on airplane mode to conserve battery life since we were bike packing for a few days. Since it was on airplane mode it is unable to be tracked. It was left on the bridge railing at salt creek near rocheport. We stopped in the afternoon at the bridge to take our jackets off. My husband set his phone on the railing and he inadvertantly left it there. Of course we went back to the location we left it. And of course we called it (but it would not go through due to airplane mode). We have contacted businesses along the trail and the rocheport and new Franklin city halls. We have also contacted the office of the Katy trail for that area as well... We were lost on what else to do so we thought we would try to post on a couple pages. Thanks for your reply.

Terry from Festus on 10/05/2015 10:07 PM:
Bummer!! I would tell you to not give up because the vast majority of visitors to the Katy are good and honest people. The odds are they tried to do the thing that seemed right to them. However, i am addicted to my phone and i would not be able to wait long to see if the phone surfaces. Good luck!

Tonya from Gibson City, IL on 08/13/2015 01:03 PM:
I absolutely loved staying two nights in Rocheport. I stayed in the attic suite at the Katy Trail Bed & Bikefest and couldn't have been happier. It was wonderful and I will stay there again. I ate at the General Store one night and had a very affordable, decent meal. The second night I went with some new friends from the B&B and we went to the Les Bourgeois A-frame. Absolutely delightful place to have some inexpensive, nice food and wine while enjoying live music and amazing views of the river. Can't wait to come back.

Trailside Cafe bike rental
Katie J from Lincoln, DE on 07/28/2015 10:26 AM:
Does anyone know the current rate for a one-day rental ? There was info from 2009 ($95/day) on here, but I'm wondering if this is correct. Thank you !

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 07/28/2015 11:12 AM:
Call 573-698-2702 for the most up to date info.

Marvin from Boonville on 05/25/2015 05:46 PM:
hello this is Marvin I do shuttle for Bike on the Katy Trail you can get ahold of me at 660 537 5220

Trailside Cafe & Bike Shop (Rocheport)
Anonymous on 09/08/2009 02:20 PM:
My husband and I stopped this past weekend (September 6th) on our way home to take a look at the Rocheport trailhead and it was full of people riding bikes and enjoying the day. We rented a quad. recumbent bike and took it out for an hour on the trail and had a fantastic time. We laughed, saw great sites, and the foliage just beginning to turn some colors. What a great afternoon. For $25 an hour it was well worth renting this bike and enjoying some fun on the Katy trail together. The worker at the bike store told us you can call in advance to reserve a bike and recommended doing so. It's $25 per hour and $95 for the day. Everyone should do it - great fun!!!

Zach Dyer from Ozark on 04/13/2015 11:54 AM:
Can you rent recumbent bikes there? I've been wanting to test drive one. How did you like it?

pam from JC on 03/27/2015 12:17 PM:
Does anyone know if the Trailside Cafe is going to reopen. The message on the phone said closed for good, has someone else bought it. Is there any other place in the town to rent bikes?

Karen F on 04/03/2015 09:59 AM:
I just talked to someone at Trailside (573-698-2702) and today (Friday, April 3) is their first day open for the season. The cafe part won't open for another 2 weeks but they are renting bikes.

Rocheport's Katy Trail B&B needs your help!
Brett from Rocheport on 02/15/2015 10:38 PM:
Hello! Our little Katy Trail Bed & Breakfast suffered a massive blow recently. We're trying to recruit some help to get it rebuilt.
A few weeks ago, my life changed -- water. Water everywhere. Our entire bed & breakfast was dripping with water, ceilings collapsed, walls destroyed, water on the floor. Everything soaked. A water pipe had burst on the second floor. It would have been easier to just shut the door and walk away.
But this little bed & breakfast has been a home-away-from-home for thousands of cyclists and hikers who enjoy Missouri's Katy Trail State Park - the longest rails-to-trails project in the country. Families come here to unwind and enjoy nature and the Missouri River.
Please share your encouragement or contribution, if you are able, at www.gofundme.com/katytrail and help to rebuild Rocheport's Katy Trail Bed & Breakfast! We are offering incentives and gift certificates for those that are able to donate towards the restoration work. Sadly, there was no insurance on this house over the winter (when it's closed each year).
We want to share our special place with you once the renovations are done. Our goal is to have the main house ready for guests by May 15th -- the Boxcar and Carriage House are still open for business.
I believe bringing this little B&B back is about community and restoring not only an old house but ensuring that families continue to have a go-to "shelter from the storm" in Rocheport for many years to come!
The silver lining of this is seeing and hearing from many friends and family near and far. I know in my heart we're going to get it done and it'll be better than ever. Hope to see you on the Katy Trail this spring!
Brett Dufur and Family
Katy Trail B&B

Thon on 10/14/2014 08:45 AM:
Does anyone know if there's any free tent camping in or near Rocheport. Hartsburg and Marthasville offer free tent camping and for the next full trail trip if I can pedal farther west than Hartsburg on day 2 I'd like to have a head's up on where all the free camping areas are. Tent camping further west on day 2 will help position me closer to where I'm headed on day 3. I can cycle 95 miles from Hartsburg to Windsor in one day, only, cycling 40, 75, 95 three days in a row like that is not in keeping with my abilities. I'm hoping to cycle longer on day 2 when I'll be fresher, stronger ESPECIALLY HAVING TO GO THRU THE BOONVILLE TO SEDALIA section of trail which is my favorite yet most challenging where most of my flats happen.

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 10/14/2014 09:36 AM:
Have you looked at the Trip Planner link above. Just select camping and it will give you a list of the camping options along the trail.

Thon from Indiana on 10/15/2014 04:02 PM:
Thanks a gazzilion. That hit the spot. Found exactly what I was looking for.


School House B&B Inn, Rocheport MO

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