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Rocheport Tunnel

Point of Interest
Mile marker 178.7
Katy Trail

Rocheport Tunnel is located on the Katy Trail, in Rocheport MO

Rocheport Tunnel
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Rocheport Tunnel
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Forum Discussions about Rocheport Tunnel

Two books for fueling your Katy Trail dreaming!
Brett Dufur from Rocheport on 01/17/2023 12:28 PM:
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Rocheport Tunnel in Rocheport
Tracy from St. Charles on 06/26/2021 01:52 PM:
What is closest spot you can park to walk to the tunnel & approx mileage? My mom would like to see but has trouble walking.

Jim from St Thomas on 06/26/2021 02:20 PM:
It’s maybe a quarter mile from the trailhead but you could probably park at the end of Central Street and cut that in half.

Rocheport Tunnel in Rocheport
Trek-rider from St. Charles on 06/29/2020 12:13 PM:
Is the beautiful Rocheport tunnel what now has this detour I've been reading about?

Anonymous on 06/29/2020 12:27 PM:
Is the tunnel what now has this detour?


Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/29/2020 02:38 PM:
There is a detour, and on the detour you would not ride through the beautiful tunnel. But, most people would backtrack just a little to ride through it.

Triker Troy from Monroe City Mo on 06/30/2020 01:58 AM:
Going west to east..My way would be to cross the little walkway bridge (at the baracade) that leads to the Davisdale parking lot. Cross straight across Hwy 40 to gravel road and go left.. The road will fork. Stay on gravel to the right ( Missouri Conservation Road) and walk up the levee.. Cross the little creek (usually only ankle deep).. Once you cross the creek you will see the trail to your left.. Easy Peasy.

Rocheport Tunnel (Rocheport)
Drew & Karen from Blue Springs, MO on 05/30/2006 11:41 AM:
Definitely the COOLEST PLACE to hang out this past Memorial Day weekend.

frank from festus on 05/30/2006 08:56 PM:
drew and karen, you are so right bouts the rocheport tunnel. mw nad wifey have walked through it and i have ridden through it a couple of times. it's great.