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Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop

Restaurant, Bike Shop, Repair Station
Bike Rental
700 First Street

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop is located on the Katy Trail, in Rocheport MO

Directions: Located at the Rocheport Trailhead
7am until dark, Tuesday through Sunday (closed Monday)

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Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop
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Forum Discussions about Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Cobra Kai Chris from Kansas City on 03/17/2024 10:36 AM:
We doubled up on the Louisiana Purchase breakfast before our long ride day and were not disappointed. We did have some mechanical bike issues that morning and they were helpful with supplies but want folks to be aware, as it says on the Meriwether website, they are primarily a rental and supply store and not a repair shop. It was great to resupply tubes, get Powerades, and fill our tires with floor pumps.

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Timdoas from Nashville, TN on 10/20/2022 04:32 PM:
I ate here on 10/11/22 while cycling between New Franklin and Jeff City. Rainy day and i was glad they were open for brunch. The sausage was great and appeared home made. Due to the rainy day, only 3 persons in the place so service was excellent!

I would recommend a stop here any time.

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Kathy N. from Ohio on 06/08/2022 05:27 AM:
Wish there were more places like this along the trail. Vegetarian Huevos Rancheros was AMAZING! Super personable owner pointed out some trail highlights that we might have missed otherwise. GREAT stop!

michael a rodemeyer from Hartsburg, Mo on 06/15/2022 03:25 PM:
+While we love Meriwethers it wouldn't be the primitive trail we all know and love if everything was as good as it is. This not for the wine drinking, vegetarians, caviar eatrs (although they are welcome too). Having to have a kingsize bed and a flush toilet seems to defeat the whole idea of our trail.

Jim from St Thomas on 06/15/2022 04:34 PM:
I always thought the whole idea of our trail was for people to get out and enjoy themselves whatever that might entail. Hell, I’ve even accepted that Coopers now caters to a demographic I’ll never belong to - never to return to what I consider it’s glory days of 50 cent Stag beers. Also, I am a huge fan of flush toilets having used many of the Katy’s pit toilets in the heat of summer. It may build character but I’m not sure it’s the character you want to build.

Anonymous on 06/16/2022 06:57 AM:
Interesting. The whole idea of our trail.

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Paul & Barbara from Decatur GA on 05/21/2022 05:16 PM:
Had a very pleasant end-of-the-ride beer while we ordered takeout for later that night and sat on the patio chatting with the owner about the trail ahead. Definitely recommended.

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Steve from Bentonville on 10/18/2021 02:39 PM:
Great food and atmosphere! the bike shop let me charge my wahoo while I sipped on a beer and had a great cheeseburger and fries! So good I ate there on my return trip and enjoyed the hummus sandwich!

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
zume76 from DFW on 03/31/2021 10:01 PM:
Last stop for civilized dining and coffee when eastbound on a Monday or Tuesday. Great scones on the patio and very nice staff. They are closed Wednesdays (but double check).

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Alex from Overland Park on 10/29/2020 09:18 PM:
Unfortunately missed my chance to stop here due to it being closed for the 10/26 snowstorm. Glad to see they're keeping their employees safe but a hot coffee sure would have made the ride go by quicker.

ArkyKenny on 10/31/2020 07:48 PM:
Well then you missed out. The Meriwether cafe is exponentially better now in every way than it was a few years ago. Glad they are there!

LS Rider on 11/01/2020 07:39 AM:
Just had a burger there on Friday and it was one of the best hamburgers I have ever had!!

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Bradley Scroggs from Jefferson City on 07/06/2020 03:35 PM:
Hooray! Hooray! Merriwether Cafe and Bike Rental is back in business!

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Bill in Houston from Houston on 04/21/2019 07:56 PM:
Hours are a little short, but they have mercy on stragglers.

Cheeseburger, fries, fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese, and Loghead beer. We had a great early dinner, and plan to go there again for breakfast.

Staff was friendly and helpful and had ownership in the place.

There was a social ride that rolled out while we were there, but we were already too full of miles.

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Bob Melton from Oklahoma City on 09/27/2018 06:32 PM:
Visited the Meriwether Cafe for dinner and breakfast during our overnight at Rochport. Breakfast was especially good with locally sourced ingredients. This is a popular place for local cyclists on a Saturday morning. Great patio space right on the trail.

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
John Nickell from Parkville, MO on 07/04/2018 01:46 PM:
Stopped in for a water refill and a biscuit, not sure if it's changed hands since the last time I came through, but always seems to be fairly busy, probably one of the more reliable places I've seen on the trail.