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Rocheport Trailhead

Parking, Water, Restroom
Water is available from restroom sinks year-round
1st St

Rocheport Trailhead is located on the Katy Trail, in Rocheport MO

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Rocheport Trailhead
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Forum Discussions about Rocheport Trailhead

Trail closure West of Rocheport
majmadmax from Fayetteville, AR on 09/14/2020 05:11 PM:
We spoke to a rider heading East today and exchanged experiences along the trail regarding detours. We discussed the rock slide detour West of Portland and he mentioned a short closure West of Rocheport. Any one have details/info on that one?

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 09/14/2020 05:29 PM:
Majmadmax, please go to the home page and scroll down until you see Trail Conditions toward the bottom of the page. Lots of good info there, including pictures and suggested detours. The Salt Creek bridge is still out. Some suggest walking your bike across the creek, but you really need to see how deep it is before committing!

Mark from Lee's Summit on 09/14/2020 09:27 PM:
The bridge wash out is about 3 miles west of Rocheport. You either walk your bikes through a shallow low water crossing just south of the washed out Katy Trail bridge or you take a hilly detour along 40 Hwy. with no shoulders. As long as it hasn't rained in a couple of days, most people are walking across the creek. You can see it clearly on Google Maps if you just look where Hwy. 40 crosses the Katy Trail by Salt Creek.

Mark from Strafford on 09/15/2020 05:20 PM:
Just walked through washed out bridge area near Salt creek, 3 miles west of Rocheport tunnel. There is a concrete slab, probably low water crossing, that is dry this afternoon.
I was riding East from New Franklin to the washed out bridge. Walked up the path to the levee, turned right on the levee 50 yards, walked my bike down the levee, crossed the low water concrete crossing ( it was dry today) turned left after crossing the creek and right back on the trail, headed to the Rocheport tunnel.

Rocheport Trailhead (Rocheport)
RJB from Kansas City on 06/02/2007 05:27 PM:
I am planning ride from Rocheport to Hartsburg then back the next day. I was wondering if I can park and lock my car at the Rocheport Trailhead and it be secure for the night. Also, what is the trail like from Rochport to Hartsburg? I've heard it is pretty hilly.

MAH from Blue Springs, MO on 06/02/2007 06:12 PM:
I've parked overnight at Rocheport without any problems. The trail between Rocheport and Hartsburg has no hills at all. Occasionally you'll get a quick little 'up and over' a road or levy but that's about it. A week ago I spoke to a biker who said that between Cooper's landing and Hartsburg there were some rough spots due to the spring flooding, but with the DNR ride coming soon, I imaging they're working overtime to get the trail back in good shape.

savage24 from KC,MO on 06/02/2007 11:47 PM:
I have also parked at Rocheport overnight with no problems. I did the same thing you are planning - an overnight in Hartsburg. Be sure to check the business' hours on this sight or maybe call them and ask. It can be difficult to find anything to eat on certain days in Hartsburg. It is a great ride!

Cliff from Edwardsville KS on 06/04/2007 04:44 PM:
The Trailhead at Rocheport is a safe place to park, Ive been there several times and never had a problem. I have rode to Hartsburg and it is a great ride, flat, and problably the most scenic part of the trail. I stayed at the Hartsburg Inn, it's nothing fancy but clean and comfortable. The only problem is they dont serve breakfast, but had juice and instant oatmeal in the fridge. I ate at Dotty's for a late lunch and had supper at the Summit Hill Winery. Summit Hill has a nice patio and several other bikers were there so it was a nice place to chat about the trail. Have a great ride.

Greg A from Shawnee KS on 07/04/2007 11:49 AM:
Arrived at Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale late afternoon (Great Place, firepits, grills, they sell firewood, friendly, limited small grocery store, SHOWER, safe, right on river, beautiful view

Biked from Huntsdale to Rocheport tunnel (Awesome, perfect trail conditions, rest benches in all the right places) Winery is CLOSED ON MONDAYS. Entry to winery is somewhat hidden, .3 extent to top of hill incline does not include zig zags. Rest legs before you climb. All of Rocheport shops were closed. Other holiday week bikers looking for anything 'open for business' as well. It probably is a great little town we just didn't get to experience it.

Rode back to Katfish Katys. Tent is critical for a pleasant stay, expect bugs

Tuesday - Katfish Katys to Hartsburg and back. Rode early for a beautiful comfortable ride. Trail conditions were rough and rutted around Easley.

Hartsburg was the biggest disappointment. Dotties Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. No services, no place to eat, bike shop is out of business, actually the post office looked like the ONLY business, no place to get food or replenish

What we learned

Katy trail is for weekend warriors - do not expect any kind of services during the week. Most of these towns range in population from 14 to 108. Call before you go spontaneity will only disappoint you.

Take everything on the recommended supplies list website. http://www.bikeiowa.com/asp/misc/packinglist.asp Note to self - butt paste has no age limit

Biking during the early morning and late evening can make all the difference between a pleasant ride and a miserable one. It can get real hot, humid, and miserable real quick.

Seeing all the deer, bluebirds, gentle rolling river and spending time with mate, outweighed seeing the two snakes.

16 miles first day, 36 miles second day, avg speed 9.5 miles Not bad for being out of shape and just looking to have fun. We'll do it again on a weekend - probably this fall

Sue J. from California on 03/22/2016 05:46 PM:
Is it reasonable to park here for several (4 or 5) days? Planning to ride from Rocheport to St, Charles in June.

Anonymous on 03/23/2016 05:32 AM:
The Trailside Bike and Cafe across the street from the trailhead is open during business hours and the trailhead is pretty busy during most of the daylight hours. However not sure of night time security. You could possibly inquire to park next to the homes near the trailhead to appear to be living at the home overnight.

Trek on 03/23/2016 09:26 AM:
I've left the car at the Rocheport trailhead overnight in the past and would again. For that matter, I've left the car overnight at the trailhead in Sedalia, Boonville, New Franklin, Rocheport, Hartsburg, and Tebbetts. If I can, I usually let someone know that it's there and leave my name and phone number just in case. I never tempt fate by leaving anything visible in the car and it's always insured, locked, and parked close to the activity at the trailhead.

Anonymous PD on 03/23/2016 04:53 PM:
Some park or city ordinances may be violated if vehicles are unattended for extended periods of time and you may be ticketed and the vehicle towed. If you see something say something.

Rocheport Trailhead (Rocheport)
jg from Kansas City on 04/25/2007 12:15 PM:
I am going to bike from New Franklin to Rocheport this weekend (4/28) with a friend. We were wanting to wander around Rocheport for a while (probably eat at Le Bourgeois). Can someone tell me how easy it is to park/lock up your bikes in town or at Le Bourgeois? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 04/25/2007 01:20 PM:
There are bike racks in front of the Trailside in Rocheport that bikes can be locked to. Also there are several lamp posts on the hill at the bistro that many bikes have been locked to. I've never been discouraged from using either of those two.

El Toro on 04/25/2007 11:19 PM:
I would agree with the previous post. I rode through Rocheport yesterday and there are plenty of options for securing your bike. Have a great time. Looks like a beautiful weekend is in store!

Cliff from Edwardsville Kansas on 04/26/2007 02:19 PM:
You can park your bikes at Trailside Cafe and Bike shop and lock them or ride them up to town and lock them to light post at the different stores. Be sure and stop in the General Store in Rocheport, its a must see. Le Bourgesis is just a little east of Rocheport trailhead and there is a rack you can lock your bike to at the bottom of the hill right along the trail. I have locked my bike there and walked up the hill and never had anyone bother it. Enjoy the walk up the hill! Have a great ride this weekend.

ET from Columbia on 04/26/2007 02:46 PM:
I definitely recommend the little trail up the hill to Les Bourgeois--it's a beautiful walk, or a challenging ride! I always walk, and lock my bike at the bottom. Head east from Rocheport, maybe about 1/2 mile, and look for a bench on the right, and bike rack, Les Bourgeouis sign, and gravel trail heading up the hill on the left. This is MUCH nicer than biking up the long, steep shoulderless highway from town to the winery.

Canyoncamper from Grand Junction, CO on 10/01/2007 05:39 PM:
Go to Les Bourgois if only for the Gorgonzola Cheesecake. The rest of the selections are great and view is unbeatable.

EM from Milwaukee, WI on 04/22/2008 12:32 PM:
There are two dining options here: the swanky Bistro or the A-frame, which has "picnic baskets" consisting of bread, cheese, and slices of salami. Both have spactacular views of the river. The A-frame is definitely low key and has picnic benches. The A-frame has several craft beer choices along with their own wines by the glass or bottle. If you walk up from the trail, the Bistro is immediately on your left and the A-frame is straight ahead across the enormous parking lot.

Camping near the Rocheport Trailhead
Karen from Kansas City, MO on 10/14/2005 10:15 AM:
I'm going to be visiting the Katy trail for the first time this weekend and was wanting to camp near Rocheport. I have been able to find very limited information regarding camping. Does anyone have any input regarding camping at Davisdate Conservation Area? Or other camping suggestions? Preferable a bit secluded. I'm not really looking to be near a bunch or RVs.

j.smith from Jefferson City on 10/14/2005 12:55 PM:
Primitive camping only is allowed anywhere in the Davisdale conservation area. You might also consider New Franklin.

Larry on 10/14/2005 02:40 PM:

Campsites are available at New Franklin (9.6 miles from Rocheport) for a fee. They aren't bad...they have a showerhouse.

Ray (webmaster) on 10/14/2005 03:03 PM:
The place in New Franklin is The Katy Roundhouse, which is right on the trail. If you plan to stay there, you might want to call ahead to make sure they have room.

Karen from Kansas City, MO on 10/14/2005 03:12 PM:
Thanks for suggestions. I'm currently trying to contact someone at The Katy Roundhouse for a possible reservation. What about camping at Diana Bend? Is the "primitive" camping too bad at Davisdale? I'm use to backbacking and not having facilities. Has anyone camped there? Is there limited camping? Is it crowded? What exactly is primitive camping? I can't seam to reach anyone at Davisdale.

brad stanley from kansas city on 10/23/2005 04:05 PM:
I have the same question as Karen. I have a group of 4 dads and 10 boys. I was hoping to get some info about the campsite at Diana Bend or Davisdale.

. on 01/15/2006 11:54 PM:
I hiked the trail with one of my friends 2 weeks before I left for boot camp, we did primitive camping all along the trail at just random spots never having any trouble or issues. Just go off the trail a little ways *mark your direction so you dont get lost* and pitch tent......just avoid an open fire.

Anonymous on 01/31/2006 01:33 AM:
Ok, At the time I had no idea it was illegal, I assumed that the rule I saw posted at one of the conservation areas about primitive camping applied the whole way....Ignore the post about camping anywhere.

mike on 01/31/2006 09:08 AM:
Its too bad that "guerilla" type camping is illegal. I understand the problems that could arrise but having to pay to camp or stay in a B&B just sucks.

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 01/31/2006 02:30 PM:
I don't really think having to pay to camp is that big a deal is it?

Heck....I had to pay for my bike! And I have to pay for gas to drive several hours to ride it on the Katy. Even had to pay for the car darn it! If I'm gone all day, I even have to pay to eat!

Ahhhh....to be 12 again! Livin off Dad and Mom...stealin apples.....ridin the bike that Santa gave me.

The Dalton Boys from Austin, TX/Columbia, MO. on 02/01/2006 09:31 AM:
Trek Biker....totally agree. Mike, if you ask first I can say from experience that there are small communities that allow FREE camping in their parks, you just have to be considerate and inquire first before "diving in". Regards.....Mark of the Dalton Boys

Mike on 02/01/2006 10:33 AM:
And I agree with you. I never said I was inconciderate. I believe that permission should be given before "diving in". My point is, they tap you for every nickle and it would be nice if there were some more free camping areas for people who would like to rough it a little more. Having just done a good portion of the AT where there are shelters for campers, it would be neat to see something like that on the Katy.

My intention was not to start any problems.

Happy trails to all.

Marilyn from St. Louis on 03/10/2006 05:22 PM:
I'm just a beginner, and may be trying this on my own for now. I see a lot about biking, but can I just hike this trail and camp out in the Davis Conservation area anywhere? Are there signs that tell you where camping is okay?

Gregoreo from Columbia on 05/20/2006 05:31 PM:
Davisdale Conservation Area has two campsites each 3-6 bike minutes north of the trail. 3 miles west of Rocheport, west of the HW 40 overpass is a parking lot south of the Katy trail. Take the field access road over the levee to the north. 1/2 mile west from there is another parking lot to the south. Take the road over the levee to the north, then up a hill to the campsite. A little hike west on that ridge yields a nice bluff view of the river bottom. No toilets or water. Brochure says: "Primitive camping on a walk-in basis is allowed but only in designated areas." "No open fires except by special use permit or in fire rings provided." "Bicycles are allowed only on roads open to vehicles and service roads." No problem biking to campsites. The area can be thick with hunters from Sep 1 to Jan 31. Except then and with occasional scout groups, it is quiet. The hilly conservation area extends 2 miles further north with additional primitive camp sites.

Gregoreo from Columbia on 05/20/2006 05:38 PM:
A map: http://mdc.mo.gov/cgi-bin/atlas/gis4media.cgi?area=8229map

Lee from Lee's Summit, MO on 05/21/2006 10:38 PM:
Is calling ahead to make camping site reservations a good idea if cycling the Katy over Memorial Weekend?

ET from Columbia on 05/22/2006 12:20 PM:
I would say almost certainly not necessary--B & Bs would be a different story. The main reason to call ahead would be to make sure the places you want to stop are actually open! Also, if you're planning to camp in the city parks, I think you do need to call ahead to arrange that.

Iowa hiker on 03/29/2007 02:12 PM:
For those wondering what "primitive" camping means at the Davisdale conservation area: No water, no firepit, no outhouse, nothing except a sign giving permission to camp. Not even a scenic view. Nothing except a parking lot. For anyone looking for a bit more, go east to Katy's Katfish.

DougK from Troy on 03/29/2007 05:17 PM:

Davisdale has a campsite right next to the parking lot. Too open for my tastes. Go over the creek and follow the path (mowed lane)north for about 1/4 of a mile. The second campsite will be on the right about halfway up the hill. Nice spot, you'll see lots of deer in the morning. You have a few choices for water.

1. Pack your own in with you. Remember that water is 8lbs per gallon, gets heavy.

2. Buy a $30 pump water filter from REI, Bass Pro, Campmor, or some other outdoor dsports store. Katydyn makes a good one for under $30. This way you can safetly draw water from the creek.

3. Buy iodine or micropur pills at the same places, usually right next to the pumps. Tastes like crap but it's safe and beats the heck out of dehydration. Hint when using iodine or micropur: Sprinkl about a half teaspoon of kool-aid or other drink mix to mask the taste.

Jason from Huntsville, AL on 03/30/2007 09:31 AM:
We had planned to camp at Dianes Bend but when we got there, it looked like the only camping area was off the trail and was almost like a parking lot. No trees, no tables, no firepit, no tables...nothing. We treked on up to Katfish Katys and camped there...it was nice.

showmebikes on 04/03/2007 10:04 AM:
In nearly every thread about services provided on the Katy Trail, comments are made about the deplorable lack of services for riders and hikers. These comments are usually followed by negative comments about prices of services that are available. My extensive experience on the Katy Trail is that I've never seen anybody getting rich serving hikers/bikers. Most service providers seem to be barely making it and then only by providing service to customers who aren't using the Katy Trail. I realize that the Katy Trail provides a low cost recreation option. If you're on a tight budget, please know that no business can survive unless it makes a profit. If most of that profit comes from non-trail users then you won't be the highest priority. If you want more trail services, patronize the businesses already in place and quit griping about the prices. If you think you can provide more services at cheaper prices then there is a great business opportunity along the trail for you. Don't forget--you expect these trail businesses to be open daily and for long hours most of the year.

ss from saint louis on 03/18/2008 07:51 AM:
So, do the Davisdale campsites north of the trail allow a fire? My understanding is that some of the Conservation Campgrounds do, some don’t.

Also, anyone ever try to camp at the Hart Conservation Campsite in Hartsburg? Do they allow a fire there? I have been by where I think it is a few times, and don’t recall if it even had a sign.