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New Franklin MO on the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail

Mile marker 188
Population: 1145
Public Restroom
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Visitor Info
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Point of Interest
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New Franklin
New Franklin
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Katy Trail
Casey's General Store
102 N. Missouri @ Hwy 5, New Franklin
Exchange Bank of Missouri
102 E Broadway, New Franklin
Katy Roundhouse
1893 Katy Drive, New Franklin
Miracle Cup Cafe
4004 Hwy 5, New Franklin
New Franklin Trailhead
New Franklin

Old Timers Taxi
106 Court Street, Apt. 34, New Franklin
Santa Fe Trail monument
New Franklin

Town of New Franklin
New Franklin

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Forum Discussions about New Franklin

New Franklin
John from Dallas on 10/23/2019 12:24 PM:
Had breakfast at Miracle Cup Coffee in New Franklin.

From the Casey's General Store in the "downtown" area, just go west past the neighborhood and school and this place will be immediately on your right.

Good breakfast menu. I think they do lunch as well.

Gathering Place Cafe
John K from Webster Groves, MO on 09/11/2011 09:36 PM:
There is a great cafe in New Franklin up on the bluff called The Gathering Place. Food was great with homemade deserts. To get to it you need to go north from the trailhead on Hwy 5 a couple of blocks then left on Broadway for another couple of blocks. There number is 660-848-9993. Katy's Roundhouse always seems closed but the Gathering Place is great. Note that if you are coming from the west that the trailhead is not at Katy's Roundhouse but a bit further east on the trail.

Devin from St. Louis on 10/07/2016 09:45 AM:
Update to this: The Gathering Place appears to be closed nowadays according to the interwebs.

katy roundhouse
John E from Lexington, ky on 09/20/2015 05:21 PM:
my dad and I stayed at the campground on 9/14/15. Nice clean place....hot shower...we will stay here again next year. No issues, I highly recommend....we hammock camped, plenty of trees.

New Franklin
Ed from Wichita, KS on 09/23/2013 12:43 PM:
The Round House camp site was fine. Though the old cinders and clinkers left on the ground from the old days was difficult to get tent stakes to go in very far. The grounds were clean. Nice manners from other campers. Never met the hosts. There was no toilet paper (ever) when I camped there. Had my own fortunately. Bring bug spray, though! Missouri in summer is very buggy. We had some showers which kept things cool one morning. Nice. Bring flip-flops for the shower! I had a great time, all in all! Just about any bike will work on The Katy.

Katy Roundhouse
DayRider from North Kansas City on 09/09/2011 01:16 PM:
I enjoyed camping at the Katy Roundhouse last May 14th and 15th, 2011 as part of the Kansas City Bicycle Club ride. As others have already commented, the campground is litter-free and the hot showers are very pleasant. The owners are down-home kind of people. The campground is spacious with a lot of grass. Each campsite has a fire-ring. The spacious campground is easily able to accommodate large groups.

New Franklin
Don Opitz from Hot Springs, AR on 09/27/2009 03:43 PM:
Stayed at the Roundhouse Camp ground September 21-22, 2009. Host & Hostess very

nice. Tent camped, fire ring, trash can, picnic table, very level, good drainage, other

campers followed 10:00 PM = 07:00 AM lights out and quiet time. Shower adequate, 1 of

2 toilettes available in men's room, wife said same in lady's room. We were concerned

when a boy scout group came in later Friday night, toilettes held up!

Saturday we from New Franklin into Boonville, then on past Pilot Grove and marker 205.

Ate lunch at Becky's in Pilot Grove then returned to New Franklin Roundhouse.

Everyone we met on the trail were very nice and they saw you stopped they always ask if

you were okay or needed assistance. 34 miles total out and back.

Sunday (rain) we broke camp and drove to Columbia for breakfast, then on to N. Jefferson

City. We rode to just past Claysville, Mo. Saw wild Turkey's on the trail and read some

interesting history about Lewis & Clark. A short ride but then weather wasn't the best.

+12 miles total out and back.

After a night in Jefferson City, we drove back to Rocheport Trailhead. The trail was dry,

level and fast. Good trip to New Franklin Trailhead, very fast ride out and back, then a

burger at the Bike Shop at Rocheport, very good! +20 miles total out and back.

We will be back!

New Franklin
Mike G from St. Louis on 08/21/2009 09:08 AM:
Stayed at Katy Roundhouse on Monday, August 17, 2009. Very nice for tent camping. Picnic table, fire ring at each site. Arrived after huge rain storm but ground had soaked up all the water and tent site was fine. Clean. Great shower house and bathroom. Given proximity to woods and wooded nature of site thought upon arrival there would be lots of bugs but fear ungrounded. Good spot. Recommended.

Word of Warning
Anonymous on 11/27/2006 11:30 AM:
I recently rode the trail from Clinton to Hartsburg. I encountered a very unpleasant experience and would like to warn others. Between the Katy Roundhouse (which is west of New Franklin) and New Franklin, a dog ran up to me and bit my leg while I was riding my bike ON THE TRAIL. The dog lives at a house on the south side of the trail, about a couple hundred yards WEST of New Franklin. The house is a "brownish stain" color and is one story. Hopefully, this will help others to be on guard as they approach this section of the trail.

MLH from Overland Park on 11/27/2006 05:10 PM:
Thank you for that heads up. I was on that section of the trail 3 weeks ago and will watch for this in the future. I encountered a pack of wild dogs on the MOPAC trail (NE) last year. There was no confrontation as it turned out but I have carried pepper spray ever since. Especially recommended if one tends to ride solo.

Jason from Huntsville, AL on 11/28/2006 09:47 AM:
Thanks for the heads up. I hope that you are ok and the dog didn't seriously injure you. All the same, if you haven't, you really need to report the incident to the local authorities. The only way that these people are going to learn to lock up their dogs is the hard way. Dog bits are todays big lawsuits. I am an insurance agent and we have seen a lot of money paid out to dog bite victims...most of whom deserved it. Thanks again for the heads up!

runkentrun from Denver on 12/22/2006 09:58 PM:
I encountered the same beast in June, and out-rode it on a road bike at 33mph. I was also accosted by two more east of Hartsburg. They had the element of total surprise. I stopped, put my bike between us, and spoke authoritatively. They decided to desist. Do what you must do to defend yourself. You have every right to terminate the animal if he's off his range.

J&K from Drexel MO on 12/24/2006 12:31 PM:
Terminate the animal if he is off his range? Just what exactly is his "range" and how do you determine this in the heat of the moment? I think terminating the dog sounds extreme, and would be the very rare case. I know dogs that give chase are very annoying, and I too hate it, especially the surprise attacks!

I have rode past the above house numerous times, and have stayed at the Katy Roundhouse camp grounds, and have never encountered a dog. In fact, I believe the house in question is the owner of the "Roundhouse". If it was his dog, I am sure he would like to know about it. He could have been a roaming dog, as is often found in the rural areas.

Before I make all the dog haters irate, I am just trying to point out that most dogs are not out to eat every human that rides by. I have encountered roaming dogs on the trail, with no incident. These dogs are not defensive of their territory, because they are not ON their territory. The dogs you do have to watch are the ones who are laying in their yard on what appears to them as another boring day. Then, out of nowhere comes another person riding thru on that neat little path that goes thru "their" (or so they think!)yard. Well, you know every time they run after those people, they speed up and leave! In the dogs mind, what could be more fun!! It works every time!

It doesn't have to. I have schooled a couple of dogs on the rural roads I ride, with a simple blast of water from the water bottle, and yes, one of them had bit at my right foot before the education. I know this may not work with all dogs, but the ones I have done it to have stopped giving chase, and if we ALL were prepared to do the same, it would stop a lot of the chasing on the trail.

My wife is one who is frightened by every dog we encounter, so I do understand. If we all work at it, we can stop those chasers!

Missouri Joe from O'Fallon, MO on 12/25/2006 08:29 AM:
Does pepper spray work on dogs?

Tom from Columbia, MO on 12/25/2006 02:46 PM:
If those two dogs encountered east of Hartsburg are the same ones I'm thinking of they are pretty harmless. I've shared my lunch on several occasions with the white dog that has black spots. There's also another black dog that will run along side you for 10-15 miles around Clifton City. Not all dogs are out there to tear you up.

Paulie from Knoxville TN on 12/26/2006 09:09 AM:
Here's what I carry-


I've never had to use it but have come close.


Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 12/26/2006 10:14 AM:
Dogs are territorial in nature and will often give chase to escort you from their domain. Once out of what they think is their territory...the chase is over. Usually, if you play along and try to out run them.....they will continue the chase (its a game at this point for the dog who has done nothing more than take you up on your offer to play). Often times if you stop (ending the chase) so will they as they stand there with a lost look as if to wonder what to do now. If you stop and they continue toward you, get off your bike and get it between you and them. More times than not at this point a bold voice, a spray in the face from the water bottle, or other such nonterminating action will stop the aggression. I fully agree with J&K.....you are the human....school the dog instead of letting it provide the lesson. On a very basic level, the human should be smarter than the dog and should be able to win the game without termination of either species.

Doug K. from Troy on 12/27/2006 05:29 PM:
Riding away quickly has never worked for me because I'm a hiker. A shot of pepper spray usually sends the message. I used a small bottle of lightly diluted lemon juice once, it was very effective. I now opt for the lemon juice because I am a dog lover. Please don't be too "quick on the draw" with these dogs. You can usually tell if they mean business or are just curious. I met a dog outside of Tebbetts one day that was running a toll booth. This grayish/white mutt was laying in the middle of the trail. He would actually sit up and beg for a handout. He moved to the side and let me past once I paid the toll of a corner of a PB&J.

Arkie from Fort Smith on 12/27/2006 10:12 PM:
Good comment Doug. I have also used a dilute solution of BoPeep ammonia cleaner; usually the smell is enough to send them off. Interesting comment about the dog, I ran into a "communal" dog in September. I went out to Colorado and snowshoed a couple of 14'ers. I had a mutt trail me up Quandary Peak one Saturday. He tagged along and I shared lunch with him, 3000'+ up and then back down. Nice company.

Jack Chipley from New Franklin on 01/02/2007 08:53 AM:
I know the dog and the owner, the dog is owned by John James the owner and operator of the Katy Round house Cafe. He is also A city Council Member and there is a leash law in the city of New Franklin Some how he don't abide by the law

david from festus,mo. on 06/20/2007 11:41 PM:
I own heavily insured dogs, Brittany Spaniels ie: face lickers. Kenneled. Dateline 9/29/07 late season, top form, the local mongrels can finally keep pace (their learned behavior is huzwah layzwah) on the quick 25 mile sprint they happened to be on the road (public)in front of me, as I correctly passed on the left they (3) moved left! CRASH!!! over the top & into the ditch, face first. The Z-87 safety glasses saved my right eye & orbit structure, but nosepiece caused 30 jagged stitches and nasal passages of mush (radiologist quote)Lucky me could be 1-blind....2-quadraplegic....3-DEAD!!!! $63,487.00 later (additional nasal reconstruction surgery -refracture 4 places) I still see the same dogs 3-4 times a week!! I know it is all my fault. Lawsuit pending. I dont blame the dogs.....can't get blood out of a turnip, right bubba!

Jim from St. Thomas on 06/21/2007 08:01 AM:
9/29/07??? David....You might want to slow down a little. Aparently you were going so fast that you traveled forward in time. At least you should be able to avoid the crash when it comes around again this September. :)

david from festus,mo. on 06/21/2007 09:39 AM:
-06...typo, gotta go, riding the whole thing 6-22-07!!!

Jim from St. Thomas on 06/21/2007 10:36 AM:
May the trail be hard and the wind at your back.

Jack Chipley from New Franklin ,Mol on 06/16/2008 04:00 PM:
The dog in question the owners keep a watchful eye on it at all times

Michael from Huntsville, AL on 06/19/2009 09:24 PM:
My wife and I try to discourage or confuse the chasing dogs to keep us safe and them out of the paths of cars and cyclists. It is no fun to have a dog run over by a car while chasing you on a bike. When time permits we use whistles first, kind words second, and BEAR spray third. The BEAR spray usually trains them to not chase a bicycle again...ever. You can order it online from Alaskan hiking supply companies. It comes out as a fog and not a stream so be careful if there are cyclists behind you. I have had to use it three times so far on my regular cycling routes.....those dogs no longer chase me or any other cyclist.

cunninghamair from O''Fallon, MO on 06/20/2009 06:22 PM:
Please note this thread is originally from 2006.

Reg Edwards from Harrison, Arkansas on 12/19/2010 01:06 PM:
Pepper spray definitely does work on dogs. Even better, and with a much longer range, is

Ultra-Kill (wasp and hornet killer with a 20' range). I've pepper sprayed about a dozen dogs

over the years. It always works if you are close enough and accurate enough. I haven't had to

use the Ultra-Kill yet but I'm assured it is much better than the conventional pepper spray. Of

course, it's the dog owners who really need to be sprayed. If they would take a few minutes

to train their dog there would be no problem. Most (90%) dog owners are extremely

inconsiderate and selfish, and it's no good talking to them. As an ex-runner (11,700 miles)

and now hiker (15,250 miles) for over 40 years I could fill a book with dog incidents!

John B. from Springfield, MO on 12/21/2010 02:26 AM:
I must first say I to love dogs, but to those who feed the dogs. You are not helping the issue. It is like feeding the bears at Yellow Stone Park. You are enforcing this behavior in the dogs. As for pepper spray, yes it does work.

Katy Roundhouse (New Franklin)
Brian L. from Wichita on 05/15/2009 06:57 PM:
I stayed at the Katy Roundhouse last week and was very pleased. I'm new to tent camping -- I'd stayed at the Sedalia Fairgrounds the night before, but I didn't really know what to expect. My first impression was "why don't you guys put a sign on the trail side of your house?!?" I rode past it & all the way into New Franklin because I was looking for the sign as shown in the photo on this website. The house it pretty well anonymous from the trail side. That said, I did have a good stay -- the campground was litter-free and spacious with a wonderful shower/bath building -- it was clean and everything worked. I especially enjoyed the nice HOT shower! I like how the shower house has a numeric keypad lock -- seems secure. I talked with the owner, John, who was quite friendly & helpful. The cost is reasonable. Their restaurant is only open on weekends, unfortunately, so I had to go back into Booneville (~ 3 mi.) for dinner. They have a soda vending machine at the shower building, but it would've been nice to have one with snacks, too. If you're camping, I highly recommend Katy Roundhouse.

Bonnie from Parkville, MO on 06/15/2009 01:31 PM:
We stayed here last weekend and I agree it is very nice, however, the restaurant is now permanently closed. There is a Casey's General store up the hill in New Franklin that makes a pretty good pizza if you don't want to cook.

Kyle from Bolivar, MO on 06/16/2009 10:39 AM:
I had an excellent stay here at Katy Roundhouse about a month ago and also found out the restaurant was closed so I rode my bike into the Casey's and bought a pack of hotdogs and buns and grilled them at the camp site where they have nice wood burning boxes with grates. Also, the owners were very friendly and brought a tent down to my camp site with there golf cart so I didn't have to tote it on my bike. Very nice shower facility as well!

Katy Roundhouse (New Franklin)
steamgene from Army brat on 11/06/2007 11:50 AM:
I see pictures of the turntable and the pit, but not a roundhouse, Has that been destroyed? It

sure would be nice to have the turtable restored. It would probably be very easy to move it,

allowing people to "be spun" as were steam locomotives back when steam was King.

4th Annual Missouri Chestnut Roast
PK from Columbia MO. on 09/17/2007 08:26 PM:
I have been to the festival in the past and picked up apples from the orchard there.

They are soooo delicious. Are there any this year, or did the freeze in April get them all?

I sure would like to know before I come.

Katy Roundhouse (New Franklin)
Vickie from Kansas City Mo on 09/27/2005 12:17 PM:
Nice shaded camps. Clean restroom/shower, hand driers. Mirrors & countertop, bench to lay clothes on while showering. Drink vending machine @ RR. Restaurant only open weekends. 4mi back to Isle of Capri casino buffet...worth it. (less_than_an_ounce@Yahoo says Hi to the 3 men on bikes we met...what a great time.)

Robert from Columbia on 09/29/2005 03:46 PM:
I couldnt agree more. My wife and I rode from columbia and camped/ate

there and than rode back the next day. The showers were clean and the food

was excellent. What more could you ask for.

Call ahead because I think the restaurant is only open on the weekend. I am

not sure though.

Larry & Judy from Blue Springs on 11/14/2005 06:28 PM:
Have stayed at the Katy Roundhouse Campground a couple of times while riding short runs east and west. Restaurant is fantastic and the people are really great. As nice as any campground we have stayed at anywhere....and the best....no pools, vidio game rooms or cheesy imported gift shop items! Just "down home" friendliness, good eats at a reasonable price and nice flat well maintained campsites. Thanks, L&J

The Dalton Boys from Austin, TX/Columbia, MO. on 11/17/2005 07:09 AM:
This place continues to set the standard as a camping spot. For end-to-enders its somewhat halfway and the ammeties are incredible. The Dalton boys did the KATY in '02 and in May so the mornings and evenings were a little chilly willy and having hot water showers at the end of the day was, well you all know.......Enjoy the voyage Mark of the Dalton Boys

colorado katy couples from colorado on 05/09/2006 11:36 AM:
Are reservations required or can you just show up?

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 05/09/2006 11:55 AM:
Probably depends on when you plan on showing up.....they do take reservations....so it may be wise to contact them with your dates of stay. http://www.katyroundhouse.com/

FYI: As of a week or so ago...they were not booked for Memorial weekend.

Barry from Conway, AR on 05/11/2006 03:46 PM:
What is the dress code like for dinner at the Katy Roundhouse? Can you eat there in riding clothes?

KT & Zeke from Siloam Springs, AR on 09/02/2007 08:55 PM:
Loved the Katy Roundhouse, too! Camp was deserted except for an RV, because it was a Sunday/Monday and it was August and 97 degrees. The showers were nice and hot and free with a site. Lots of firewood.

Some guy came slowly through the cg in a Cadillac. There was a little white dog sniffing around in front of the car. When my dog saw his dog and wouldn't get out of the road, (cuz he wanted to meet his dog!), the guy got mad, yelled at my dog. When my dog just stood there wagging, the guy turned his car around and the dog followed him out. I guess he was walking his dog!

Do check out the Katy Roundhouse, though. Very nice.

Marge & MIke from Pacific, MO on 09/05/2007 06:41 PM:
We stayed at the campsite which was wonderful and you can't beat the convience.

We were disappointed that the resturaunt was closed!

Four Trails Restaurant (New Franklin)
Jack Chipley from New Franklin ,mo on 05/05/2007 10:22 AM:
the Four Trails Restaurant (New Franklin) is closed

Big Dipper cafe - New Franklin
Anonymous from Lawrence, KS on 10/17/2005 10:15 AM:
We camped at the Roundhouse, but the restaurant was full and a little too nice for our taste. Went back to New Franklin and found the Big Dipper. Decent basic grub.. lunch and dinner till 9, breakfast only on Saturday and Sunday. Go up the hill at the N.F. trailhead, west on Broadway past the school.

Jack Chipley from New Franklin mo on 05/08/2006 07:18 PM:
Not the big dipper any more it the four trails

sharron sussman from Julian California on 05/14/2006 11:05 AM:
This must be the place I could have gotten coffee Saturday morning if I had known it was there. Wound up riding to Rocheport for that first cup... The whole campout at the Roundhouse was not my original plan, anyway, but Boonville was full of bluegrass fans and I could not find a motel room anywhere I could find. In fact, coming into Boonville on the old Hwy 40 from Arrow Rock, I had a hard time finding BOONVILLE! ("City Limits" sign does not mention what city, eg) Transitions always difficult for me, and road-to-trail apparently no exception...

Lesley from Kansas City on 06/27/2006 10:46 AM:
4 Trails Restaurant 848-3500. Home cooked pies, breads, cinnamon rolls. Take Hwy 5 to the High School. Next to the high school and the pool. Opened in February. We go on Saturday. Let you know how it is and better directions from the trail.

EAG from NEW FRANKLIN,MO on 07/31/2006 10:47 PM:



Casey's General Store (New Franklin)
Anonymous on 05/13/2006 11:46 AM:
are there going to be a new casey's store in eminence mo this summer or not? I was told that there might be one coming there

Katy Roundhouse (New Franklin)
Bentcruiser from Oklahoma on 10/06/2005 07:43 AM:
THE BEST!!! The camps were great and the food was awesome. The steaks are fresh cut the

day of your meal. Melt in your mouth goodness!

Katy Roundhouse (New Franklin)
Jean and Dave from Lincoln, NE on 07/19/2005 04:54 PM:
The Katy Roundhouse has tidy grounds, reasonable rates and nice showers!

D & K from Blue Springs, MO on 07/23/2005 10:51 PM:
We enjoyed camping at the Katy Roundhouse over the Independence Day weekend. John, the manager, was very helpful. He installed a grill on our fire pit, sold and delivered us ice, and gave us the combination on the women's showerhouse (a nice security measure). It was a great place to crash in our tent each night after riding. We went from 184 to 210 round trip one day and Sedalia to 210 roundtrip the next. John is out and about the campgrounds on his 4-wheeler...you can't miss him and his faithful dog.

Mark of the Dalton Boys from Austin, TX./Columbia, MO. on 08/16/2005 09:52 AM:
The Dalton Boys gave the Katy Roundhouse a 5 Star rating when they camped there on their 2002 Katy Ride!!! All previously noted on other missives this vein are absolutely and wonderfully true. When we arrived at the end of the day the manager told us that the local Pizza place delivered to the campground and then whipped out his cell phone to order for us....dreamworks!!!! Had we giggled while piledriving pepperoni pizza down our gullets we would have been mistaken for hyenas in a feeding frenzy. Regards....Mark of the Dalton Boys

The Riverscene B&B (New Franklin)
Doug & Victoria from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 06/26/2005 11:41 AM:
We stayed here on our second night of our Sedalia to St Charles trip and it is a neat place with a LOT of history! Good buffet type breakfast too. Make sure you see the video about the '93 flood, take the mini tour and the time to see the historical photos and docs all over the house! Thanks Mary Jo and Joanna!

By the way, a walk to and from the Casino over the bridge is easy and the food there, like in most casinos, was good and reasonable.

Great Campground along the way (Katy Roundhouse, New Franklin)
Jamie A from St Louis, MO on 10/26/2004 02:50 PM:
This was a nice place to stay. It was only $12 for the night and the owners were really nice. The campgrounds have firepits and lots of shade.

Sk33t3r from Kansas City, MO on 05/27/2005 02:35 PM:
If you stay at the Roundhouse Friday or Saturday night, make sure you eat dinner with John (the owner). He and his wife have a moderately priced restaurant and serve up very fine food.