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Boonslick Guest House

120 S Howard St
660-621-1341 / 660-537-5127

Boonslick Guest House is located approximately 0.2 mile from the Katy Trail, in New Franklin MO

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Boonslick Guest House
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Boonslick Guest House in Boonville
Questioning from Overland Park, KS on 10/12/2023 02:55 PM:
This is confusing. Are there two Boonslick Guest Houses--one in New Franklin and one in Boonville? The visitors bureau has a link for a website for the one in Boonville, which is purportedly on the upper level of a business building downtown, but the link does not work. That's a red flag. Anyone know the truth?

Anonymous on 10/12/2023 03:48 PM:

Boonslick Guest House

Boonville MO
219 Main Street
660-621-1341 / 660-537-5127

Boonslick Guest House is located on the Katy Trail, in Boonville MO

Following the link on this website, Boonslick Guest House North is in New Franklin.

Ray (webmaster) on 10/13/2023 09:42 AM:
I'm sorry for the confusion - we now have the correct address for this listing. New Franklin is correct.

There was a Boonslick Guest House in Boonville at some point in the past, but to my knowledge it's no longer open. I'm guessing we got our wires crossed when the New Franklin location came along with almost the same name.

Great find near trail-wrong address on site
Best friend tandem on 06/11/2023 06:55 PM:
Found a gem of a place to stay in New Franklin right off the trail. This Website shows a Booneville address, but when you click the link it show the correct address in New Franklin. Just blocks from the trailhead. Super cute home with lots of space. It is 3 miles outside of Booneville. I recommend eating in Booneville and then riding on. It takes 3 miles off your ride the next day! Very affordable and SUPER kind host. No wifi—but it was great to unwind and unplug… cut 3 miles off our long day to Jefferson City AND be so close to the trail!

Boonslick Guest House in Boonville
ashley cox from edwardsville, IL (STL suburb) on 11/10/2021 08:29 PM:
ENORMOUS SPACE that is beautifully well kept for a super reasonable price. Fridge had a few beers in it ready for consumption a pon arrival, and host is super nice and answers texts/calls promptly.

Also, it is perfect for KATY TRAIL riders, particularly a large groups, for 3 reasons: (1)it is literally right off the trail, (2) it's right in downtown in Boonville so you can easily walk to everything (very good after a long ride), and (3) plenty of private spaces in the apartment. This place can easily hold 6-8 people.

There are two bedrooms with large (queen size beds i think?) at separate ends, so those people can have a completely private space, and another room has 3 beds that one bedroom squatter would have to walk through to get to common areas (kitchen, bath). Also There are two couches and a pull out bed, so really the space can probably hold 9-10 as long as the majority of folks aren't too picky about having a space that folks would need to walk through to get to other ares.

Boonslick Guest House in Boonville
JT from TERRE HAUTE on 10/27/2021 08:06 PM:
Stayed here on 10/22/21. Back porch for the bikes, easy walk to several restaurants, washer and dryer, kitchen, TV, and close to a neighborhood with neat historic homes. Nice place!

Boonslick Guest House in Boonville
Regan Kelley from Troy MO on 09/25/2019 09:47 PM:
This is a great stop for riders who are not supported. Full kitchen set up, parlor with games and books. Can do laundry too!

Kathy M from Pittsburgh, PA on 10/30/2019 06:59 PM:
We also stayed there and loved it. Very convenient to the trail. A couple of restaurants close by. Owner stocks a number of food items for guests.

Boonslick Guest House in Boonville
Regan Kelley from Troy MO on 09/25/2019 09:31 PM:
Stayed at the Boonslick Guest House after Day 2 on the trail. A step back in time, this amazing second floor home over a first floor business was comfy, heartwarming and spacious, with a room in back for bike storage. Enjoyed Greek food at The Palace just two doors down and the fridge/pantry were well stocked for breakfast. Outstanding price and close to the trail, we highly recommend.

Boonslick Guest House in Boonville
Mb from Kirkwood on 05/20/2019 04:59 PM:
What a pleasant suprise the Booneslick Guesthouse. Spacious, clean with lovely amenities and food and drink at the ready.
Sleeping was very comfortable. And a short walk to Frederic's Hotel Bar for drink great price. Would recommend to anyone