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Town of New Franklin

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Town of New Franklin is located approximately 0.3 mile from the Katy Trail, in New Franklin MO

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Town of New Franklin
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Bike Accident
sadBikeOwner on 08/23/2020 09:13 AM:
I had an unfortunate bike accident outside of New Franklin on county road crossing 467, heading towards Rocheport. I was riding my bike that I just bought a few days earlier and this was my second ride on it.

I failed to yield to the crossing because at the time it didn't mentally register to me that I was approaching a crossing. When I saw the car it was to late, I slammed into the back passenger door causing an estimate of $4400 to it and destroying my $1300 bike. I'm fine physically.

I badly sprained my right hand and have bruises and cuts. I landed on my back but my water bladder in my camel backpack took all the force. A police report has been filed and I have filed a claim with my renters insurance and am waiting the results.

Is there anything else I need to do or should do? I am upset for my bike but I am now concerned about this $4400 estimate I am being asked to pay for by the driver. I am not trying to avoid responsibilities. Any input or thoughts are welcome. Thanks

Karen C. from Harrisburg, MO on 08/23/2020 06:22 PM:
First of all, thank goodness you are okay! Your guardian angel was working overtime! If you have a vehicle, talk to your agent or claim rep about whether you should turn it in on that policy instead of your renters. Other than that, keep good notes about what and who you talked to and when (insurance people and the car driver), photos, copies of the police report, etc. I hope it all works out with your insurance and again, thank goodness you are okay! And also sorry about your bike!

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 08/24/2020 01:55 PM:
I don't know what kind of insurance you have to cover this. You have renter's insurance, but I don't know if that covers you like a homeowner's policy would. But either way, your insurance company would insist or advise that they inspect the damage to give an unbiased estimate. You definitely do not want to pay the $4,400 out of pocket without getting another bid (one which you or your insurance company controls).

Anonymous on 08/24/2020 02:24 PM:
I would seek advice from my insurance agent and not on an open forum about a bike trail.